Axure RP Team Edition

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Axure RP Team Edition


Use Axure RP to build simple wireframes or rich prototypes with conditional logic, dynamic content, and calculations… without coding. Once you get the hang of it, they’ll be amazed how much you can do and how fast.

Axure RP gives you the wireframing, prototyping and specification tools needed to make informed design choices, persuade any skeptics, get your design built to speca€| and maybe win a few fans along the way. Choose the Standard edition for prototyping or go Pro to add documentation and collaboration features.

The fidelity your project needs
Quickly create beautiful wireframes with boxes, placeholders, shapes, and text. When you’re ready for more visual polish, add color, gradients, and semi-transparent fills, import images, use grids and guides for precise placement, or the many other tools designed to help you work at the right fidelity for your project.

From clicks to conditions & swipes
Create simple click-through mockups or highly functional, rich prototypes with conditional logic, dynamic content, animations, drag and drop, and calculations. You don’t always need it, but when you do, it’s nice to have the power to take your designs to the next level for your own evaluation, client feedback, or user testing.

Generate HTML files or publish to Axure Share
Click a button and Axure RP generates your design to an HTML and jD°vascript prototype that can be viewed in IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Stakeholders, developers, and testers can view and interact with your prototype without installing Axure RP or a player. Publish your prototype to a network drive, web server, or Axure Share to share it.

For those with Enterprising needs
Create Word templates with custom headers, footers, title page, and heading styles. Select from single or two column layouts. Configure the order of the screenshots, annotations, and page notes. Then, click a button to generate your custom specification any time and as many times as you update the design.

Use Team Projects to work simultaneously with other team members on a project. Use a shared network drive or an SVN server for remote access. Keep a history of changes with notes for each check in. Export previous versions of the project whenever you need to see an earlier version of your project.

What’s New:

Axure RP 9 Features

  • Environment and Canvas
  • Dark UI Mode
  • Customize UI panes
  • Page dimensions
  • Negative regions
  • Smarter snapping and distance guides
  • Toggle ruler visibility
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Zoom to fit shortcuts
  • Center selection shortcuts
  • Inline editing for dynamic panels and repeaters

Prototype Player

  • Mobile mode with touch cursor and mobile scrollbars
  • Scaling options (replaces viewport settings)
  • Shortcuts for next and previous page
  • Auto-include web fonts for Google Fonts on Axure Share

Shapes and Drawing

  • Shape drawing tools
  • Single-key shortcuts for drawing tools
  • Paste from Sketch (with plugin)
  • Double-click border to edit vector points
  • Background images on shapes
  • Pen tool improvements
  • Shapes are generated as SVGs in the prototype


  • Color adjust for hue, saturation, brightness, contrast
  • Better compression
  • Flip horizontal/vertical
  • Improved image quality in the prototype

Dynamic Panels

  • Inline editing
  • Borders
  • Corner radius
  • Outer shadow
  • Libraries
    Improved library management
  • Add image folders to the Libraries pane
  • Libraries auto-refresh
  • Double-click .rplib to load or edit libraries

Form Widgets

  • Custom styling including typography, borders, and fills
  • Style effects (mouseover, disabled, etc.)


  • Inline interaction builder
  • New interaction editor dialog
  • Search in interaction builder
  • Condition on enabled/disabled
  • Easing option for Show/Hide actions
  • Option to animate along an arc for Move action
  • New a€?focuseda€? style effect

Text Formatting

  • Character spacing
  • Strikethrough
  • Super/subscript
  • Case transform
  • Generate a€?lorem ipsuma€? to fill shapes
  • Bulleted lists with hanging indents
  • Full justification

Color Picker

  • Color wheel
  • Radial gradients
  • Saved favorite colors
  • Suggested colors


  • Copy and paste style (replaces format painter)
  • Set borders to any thickness
  • a€?Focuseda€? style effect


  • Master views (replaces adaptive views on masters)
  • Override text in masters
  • Override images in masters

Adaptive Views

  • Pages can have different adaptive views
  • Pages can share adaptive view sets
  • Prototype shows the largest view that fits (replaces conditions)

Documentation and Notes

  • View all notes on a page at once
  • Assign multiple notes to a widget
  • Notes can be unassigned and reassigned
  • Include widget text in a note
  • Include widget interactions in a note
  • Notes can be organized hierarchically (1, 1.1, 1.1.1)
  • Note numbers are shown in the prototype
  • Note numbers are continuous through dynamic panels
  • Master notes are generated to the prototype


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