Delicious Retouch Panel v4.1.3 for Photoshop

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Delicious Retouch Panel v4.1.3 for Photoshop


Turbo-charge your retouching workflow with a new version of Delicious Retouch plugin a€“ set of powerful portrait & body retouching tools packed into a Photoshop extension panel.

What is Delicious Retouch 4?

Ita€?s a Photoshop plugin that will make your portrait and body retouching FASTER and EASIER.
But unlike other plugins, it will not make your portraits fake-looking.
This panel will bring powerfull retouching tools to your workflow, with enough control to adapt your needs and style.
Subtle everyday retouch, or flawless magazine-style closeup? The result is in your hands.

Whoa€?s the plugin for?
Are you a photographer who shoot people for living, or just as a hobby? Retoucher?
Do you want a tool that will help you do your every-day job x-times faster, but doesna€?t turn people into plastic dolls?
Or you just want to retouch some images but you are not that skilled yet?


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