Digital Anarchy – Flicker Free 1.1.6

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Digital Anarchy – Flicker Free 1.1.6


Digital Anarchy – Flicker Free 1.1.6 | After Effects & Premiere Pro

Flicker Free is a powerful new form of video Deflicker. Resolves an issue that is common to many types of video footage either lights / electricity and are not synchronized cameras, video time – lapse or slow motion (high frame rate). Flicker Free plugin is very effective to remove wavy flickering that occurs with LED and fluorescent lights or computer monitors.

Presets for simple workflow
facilitate quick configuration, without reading a big manual. Supplements should only work.

There are several presets for different video sequences. These are settings that we found to work well in our tests. In the best case, will instantly solve your problems blink! (This happens a lot … so try one of the presets, may be all you need to do) Otherwise, provide a good starting point and should not need to make too many adjustments. Each piece of video is different, of course, but the types of flicker tend to be the same. Then presets generally work quite well.

Easy to understand
Video supplements should make your life easier. The software should be doing hard work between racks so you can do your job quickly without having to watch hours of training videos. Flicker Free is a critical complement to video when you have images flicker problems, but hopefully not need all the time. It ‘s good to know that you can remove it from your toolbox and work. There is no need to relearn complicated settings every time you use it .

Analysis on the fly
Flicker Free requires no ‘lookahead’ to run. Simply apply to your footage, render a couple of seconds as a test and be ready to represent your entire project. It analyzes the frames as it is processed, so you do not have to wait before they can get to work.

Deflicker Time Lapse Footage
A time – lapse video requires taking a photo every 1 second or 1 hour and combine them to make the video. This can result in beautiful videos, but the problem is that the lighting changes. This makes the camera adjusts exposure and get flicker. Flicker Free was designed to deal with the flashing time span and it works very well.

Slow motion
Many lights flicker cause the footage in slow motion. Normal AC powered lights (AC) can fluctuate in brightness as electricity fluctuates (the ‘AC’ AC). These fluctuations in brightness can affect their footage if the camera is shooting at 120 fps or faster. The higher the frame rate of the footage, the more apparent it is. This can happen whether you’re testing with a Phantom Flex, Sony FS700U or GoPro HERO3 Black (shoots 240 fps).

LED lights
Most people do not realize that many LED lights have a frequency similar to that of a computer monitor upgrade. If your camera is not synchronized with the refresh rate, you’ll get rolling bands will review your video.

Video File
If you are restoring old images, flashing comes from some sources. 1) It is possible that the film has been degraded over time, 2) The camera is manually operated, making it difficult to maintain a uniform exposure during shooting, and 3) the old lights are more prone to flash.

If the problem comes from exposure, which would have been in the original, then it is similar to the time lag problem. It made the entire frame and should be easy to fix for Flicker Free. It will look better than it was ever!

– After Effects CS3 and higher.
– Premiere Pro CS4 and higher.

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