Duplicate File Finder Pro 6.4

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Duplicate File Finder Pro 6.4


Duplicate File Finder is a app that finds duplicate files on your Mac in just 3 clicks. Drag & drop as many folders as you wish and click SCAN. Within a minute the app will give a report with all duplicate files by categories: images, videos, music, archives, documents, and all other specific extensions. It’s really easy to see how much space each file takes.



– fast scanning algorithm
– scanning for duplicates in multiple folders or drives
– external drives & mounted network folders support
– “Recent Folders List” for scanned folders
– animated scanning process
– skip list for various files & folders


– visual chart report when scanning
– duplicate files list
– duplicate files by types


– built-in duplicates search
– preview & quick look for every file
– sort duplicates (by name, size, total size, type, and duplicates count)


– visual progress bar of selected files for removal
– one-click selection of multiple duplicate files
– smart duplicates autoselection
– “always select” & “never select” autoselect options
– confirmation list of deleted files
– moving to Trash or permanent removal option

Duplicate File Finder FREE features:

a€¢ Find duplicate files and folders
a€¢ Find duplicates in multiple folders in one session
a€¢ Find duplicates in any folder, disk, mounted folder or storage
a€¢ Add files, folders and specified files extensions to Skip list
a€¢ Tune minimal duplicate file size for better duplicate finding performance
a€¢ Preview a visual report of found duplicates
a€¢ Review duplicate files by types
a€¢ Preview duplicate folders
a€¢ Preview any duplicate file with built-in Preview option
a€¢ Get detailed information about any duplicate
a€¢ Use Autoselect for quick duplicates selection and removal
a€¢ Customize Autoselect option
a€¢ Preview similar folders – the folders with duplicate and unique files
a€¢ Preview log of removed duplicates
a€¢ Review selected duplicates before removal
a€¢ Remove duplicate files permanently or move them to the Trash
a€¢ Get guaranteed response to your ticket at [email protected] within 1 business day

Duplicate File Finder PRO features:

a€¢ Use cleanup hints
a€¢ Find duplicates in hidden folders
a€¢ Remove duplicate folders and the duplicate files in Similar folders

In-app purchase Upgrade to PRO required to:

– find duplicates in hidden folders
– remove duplicate folders and duplicates in Similar folders
– Autoselect duplicate folders.

In-App Purchases: Pro Version – included.
Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit
Homepage https://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/id1032755628


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