EventScripts 1.17

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EventScripts 1.17


EventScripts allows you to assign AppleScripts, shell scripts and Automator workflows to be run when certain events occur.

Adding Scripts

Scripts can be configured from the EventScripts pane of the preferences. In this pane you can:

? Drag and drop scripts to add or reorder them in the table.
? Use the popup menu to choose the event to trigger the script
? Temporarily disable scripts by unchecking the “Active” checkbox
? Double click a script to open it in the default editor
? Use the contextual menu to apply a ‘tag’ to a script

What’s new in EventScripts

  • Maintenance release that improves compatibility with Catalina.
  • Fixes an issue where script errors would not trigger the error dialog if enabled.
  • Fixes an issue with sample scripts not downloading.

Compatibility: Intel 64 macOS 10.13.0 or later


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