Folder Tidy 2.7.3

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Folder Tidy 2.7.3


Orders the desktop or any other folder (Mac OS X)
If you are one of those people who download all kinds of applications almost permanently to test, then surely your desktop is full of icons, which also add to the documents and photos you got there and you can get to result in a complete mess. For users of Mac OS X there is an application called Folder Tidy, which can help them solve this problem very efficiently.

To do this desktop tool analyzes and categorizes everything there is according to whether it is documents, text files, images, videos or applications source code. And then he is responsible for moving each to their corresponding folders, which will be its subfolders instead of destination have told you (eg downloads).

Use is very simple and just have to tell Tidy Folder which is the destination mentioned that we want to send things, and specify those types of files you do not want to be moved on the desktop. It will then just need to click on a€?Clean My Desktopa€? for this tool to start with your work order.

At the end we will have everything perfectly organized and our desktop will look like when you first install the operating system. And is that after all having good pitching as there is today, plus gett

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