iExplorer 4.1.16

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iExplorer 4.1.16


iExplorer 4.1.16 Mac OS X
If anything Apple devices is characterized for being quite unfriendly to be explored and contrived. Under normal conditions, when connected to a computer you can access your photos little more than if you do not have iTunes installed. However, with the help of iExplorer we can trastearlo as if it were an ordinary disk storage.

We may delete images, add songs or movies into the appropriate folders, files or even enter to carry them anywhere using our iOS terminal as if it were a flash drive.

The program interface is very intuitive, so that if we move on Macintosh, we know move in iExplorer. On the left we have a tab for quick access to all folders, and part of the center and the right we can see the entire contents of each.

iExplorer is a very, very useful for any user of an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad tool because just having it installed and use it occasionally considerably increase the possibilities of our terminal.

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