InstaBro 5.3.0

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InstaBro 5.3.0


Simple Instagram browser that allows you to explore and download media by user, hashtag or location in a most convenient way. You can also export all data to a CSV file.

Main features:

  • no sign-in required (for public accounts)
  • search for users, tags, locations
  • batch download of photos and videos
  • secure sign in to browse private accounts & personalize search
  • browse multiple sources (users/tags/places)
  • table or collection view
  • preview video or hires image in the Quick Look panel
  • export data to CSV

What’s New:

Version 5.3.0

  • [feature] Adapt to latest Instagram changes and restore comments section
  • [feature] Support dark scheme
  • [bugfix] Fix occasional crash on log in/log out


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