LUT Gallery 1.1.0

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LUT Gallery 1.1.0


Name: LUT Gallery
Version: 1.1.0

System Requirements:

The following are the minimum system requirements to ensure a great experience with LUT Gallery and Auto WB Color Picker:
a€“ Mac OS X 10.12 a€?Sierraa€?
a€“ DaVinci Resolve 12.5 (Macintosh only)
a€“ Final Cut Pro X v10.3
a€“ OpenCL 1.2 compatible GPU
a€“ Internet connection to activate

Includes: Pre-Ka€?ed (TNT)

Web Site:


The Most Powerful Way To Do Color Grading With LUTs!

Real Time Previewing of Look Up Tables

Look up tables no longer have to be a a€?black boxa€? meaning you have no idea what they do until after they are applied. Well that has changed with a NEW plugin for Final Cut Pro X and an OpenFX solution for DaVinci Resolve. See what affect a LUT has before ita€?s even applied. Instead of scrolling through an endless list of look up tables now they are at your fingertips. Because of this it allows you to focus more of your time on creativity.

Auto White Balance Color Picker

Automatically perform white balance corrections based on objects that you select. Ita€?s never been easier to get great looking color balances using the simple color picker. Combine this with LUT Gallery and you have a winning combination for making color grading fast and intuitive.

Whata€?s New in LUT Gallery 1.1.0

  • Release notes not available at the time of this post.

FileName: LUTGallery 1 1 0 TNT [].zip
FileSize: 17.06 MB

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