macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 Build 17E99

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macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 Build 17E99


macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 Build 17E99

MacOS High Sierra, Mac users have new technologies based storage, graphics and video. A new file system ensures a more efficient and stable storage, and support for video encoding high performance (HEVC) enables stunning 4K resolution with smaller file sizes. Metal 2 enables the creation of virtual reality content, superior performance and more. Core development environment ML apps makes creating a powerful machine learning he predicts, learns and becomes smarter with use. macOS High Sierra also includes a number of enhancements for the apps that Mac users use every day, including photos and Safari.

a€?MacOS High Sierra is a major upgrade that makes the Mac is capable of more things and have more responsive, and lays the foundation for future innovations,a€? said Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple. a€?High Sierra incorporates new technologies of virtual reality, streaming video high efficiency and advances in storage technology, among others. Have improved also apps like Photos, Safari, Mail and Notes, so users have even more reason to fall in love with Mac. a€?

new features
Apple File System

The Apple File System is a new advanced storage architecture that offers scalable and consistent basis with new features and future storage technologies for Mac.
The file system Apple offers compatibility with the latest devices and high-capacity storage provides increased performance, security and reliability.
Filesystem thanks to Applea€?s usual operations like copying files and directories are completed instantly.
The data are safe from power outages and system crashes thanks to advanced data integrity features.
The Apple File System works on all Mac internal storage with 100% flash. Compatibility with Mac systems incorporating Fusion Drive and hard drives will be available later as an upgrade.
Support HEVC, a coding standard high efficiency video

HEVC allows users to watch video files with highest quality 4K while requiring 40% less storage space than the current standard H.264. 1
With HEVC, Apple allows streaming video quality 4K networks where previously only possible HD format. 2
Hardware acceleration of the new iMac and MacBook Pro allows HEVC encoding and playback with great speed and efficiency.
Developers such as Adobe, Blackmagic Design, GoPro and others have joined Apple in adopting the HEVC standard.
metal 2

Metal 2 is an advanced graphics technology Apple and the fastest and most efficient way to harness the potential of the GPU Mac.
Metal 2 enables breakthrough experiences as machine learning used in speech recognition, natural language processing and artificial vision.
Metal 2 incorporates an API and improved performance that help developers like Unity, Epic, Valve and accelerate their next Pixelmator apps.
With the combination of Thunderbolt 3 and Metal 2, Mac users are demanding access to powerful external GPU.
Core ML

Core ML, Apple puts the potential of machine learning in the hands of all developers to create new kinds of apps.
Core ML Metal and takes full advantage of Accelerate, offering a great power, speed and efficiency in operations machine learning and artificial vision, natural language and compatibility with convolutional and recurrent neural networks.
Computing and processing through Core ML are performed on the device itself, so that data and confidentiality of users are respected.
Developers are already using Core ML to improve apps like Pixelmator Pro, which uses machine learning to detect and analyze some of the characteristics of the images and create intelligent editing solutions.
Virtual reality

macOS High Sierra introduces support for content creation virtual reality for the first time, allowing developers to create amazing games and content 3D and virtual reality on the Mac.
Leading companies in virtual reality are working with Apple to promote innovation in the Mac with features that will be available later this year.
Valve is optimizing its SteamVR for MacOS platform and to connect the glasses HTC Vive, while Unity and Epic are taking their development tools macOS virtual reality.
Later this year, Final Cut Pro X will support virtual reality processes 360 degrees with ability to import, edit and export video in 360 degrees on the Mac.
Update Photos

The renewed sidebar is always active, and there are new filters and selection tools to organize images quickly and easily.
The editing interface is updated with new and powerful tools like curves, to adjust the contrast to detail, or Selective Color to make changes in a range of specific color.
Live now Photos can be retouched with fun effects such as Loop, Rebound and Long Exposure, and users can also choose a different key photo.
Editing apps like Photoshop, Pixelmator and others can be opened from photos, and changes are saved to the photo library.
Thanks to compatibility with third project extensions, you can access services printing and publishing Shutte Shutterfly, whitewall, Wix, ifolor, Mimeo Mpix and directly from the app.
Improvements in other apps:
Safari prevents automatic playback of multimedia content in the browser with sound, and the reader can automatically open items in a simple and clear format.
Antirrastreo intelligent system detects and eliminates cookies and other data used by advertisers to monitor traffic between sites to help users navigate privacy.
Siri responds with a more natural voice on the Mac and learn the usera€?s music preferences, create custom playlists and answers questions about data Apple Music.
The Touch Bar MacBook Pro displays new options in the control strip, selector improved color and more video controls.
Notes incorporates simple tables that allow the user to type in cells, make changes and move rows and columns site.
Spotlight provides information on the status of flights, including departure times and arrival times, delays, gates, terminals and even an interactive map with the flight path.

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