Microsoft Word 2016 VL 16.11.1

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Microsoft Word 2016 VL 16.11.1


Microsoft Word 2016 VL 16.11.1 – Mac OS X

Will I be heard? Loud and clear.
Easy to read
in the read mode, the text is automatically redistributed in columns for easy reading on screen. With fewer menus (only the tools that contribute to reading), help you focus on the content.
Easy Writing
Create, edit and share work is fast and easy with a program such as Word known. Almost everyone knows how to open a document and work with it in Word. It is the program most popular text processing world.
Re?onelo all

With 1 TB of storage in the cloud OneDrive, you are connected to your important files. Office applications installed on your mobile device and you can access the latest version of your files anytime, anywhere. Mobile documents keep track of the files youa€?ve recently used so you can open them quickly from another device and continue where you left off.

It is more than words: ita€?s a conversation.
Get together with other
Share is easy. Save files in the cloud with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint and sends everyone a single link to the same file along with read and edit. Always you have the latest version of the file.
Collaborates with other
Word, you and your team can converse, collaborate and create common documents in real time. As aplic??is edits and changes to the document, the enhanced version history Word 2016 allows you to view or retrieve previous drafts.
Always up to date
Check changes and add comments or answers right next to the text you are editing. Everyone can follow the conversation and be aware of changes in the text, layout and formatting.

A great job.
Very professional
Gives your documents a professional finish aligns graphics, photos, videos and diagrams with text. A comfortable alignment guides appear when you need them and disappear when you finish. On your desktop or tablet, dynamic distributions allow you to drag a photo, a video or a way to anywhere you want and redistribute the text before your eyes.
It works with PDF
This is a utility that youa€?ll love: Word uses to open a PDF on your desktop and you can edit content, such as paragraphs, lists and tables, as if you had created in Word.
He works for you
The new feature allows you to search information functionality and provides direct links to Word commands. Outlook feature, new in Word 2016, seeks contextual information on the Internet from the document you are reading.

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