OmniOutliner Pro 5.5.1

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OmniOutliner Pro 5.5.1


OmniOutliner 5 Pro – Outline: think, write, do. Create perfect outlines with a powerful, productive app. This is your all-purpose tool for Mac with smart columns, scriptability, custom styles, templates, and more.

Whata€?s New in 5:
– Saved Filters PRO
– Document Stats
– Distraction-Free Mode
– Resource Search
– Touch Bar Support
– Typewriter Mode
– Dark Mode
– Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts Pro
– Slide-In Sidebars Pro
– Multiple-Row Focus Pro
– OPML Mode
– Excel Export Pro
– Column Width Improvements Pro
– Style Preview Pro

Touch Bar
Context-aware support for Applea€?s latest MacBook Pro. Get quick access to the most relevant controls.

Password Protection
Encrypt the documents youa€?d prefer to keep private. OmniOutliner can now encrypt documents with a password.

Smart Columns
Add columns to any document that deserves them. Columns can be used to summarize dataa€”like summing up your monthly budget numbersa€”or a different type completely, like a multiple choice selection.

Audio Recording
Record audio for posterity while you take notes in outline form. The recording is stored inside the document and can be played back to make sure you got everything right.

Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or later.


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