Overlap 1.0.3 Plugin

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Overlap 1.0.3 Plugin


Overlap dynamic overlapping action and follow-through for almost any property in your layers or shapes. Think about the functionality you wish the Repeater in Shape Layers had or, if you’ve used Cinema 4D, how cool it would be to have MoGraph Cloner features in After Effects…now you can!

Overlap also gives you lots of ways to customize your animation. You are in command of which controls get added to your scene, making sure it’s not bogged down by features you don’t need. Controls include

– Auto-Orient your Driver and Driven layers/shapes
– Rename Driver – identify your Driver more easily.
– Offset Control – separate your Driven layers/shapes from the Driver
– Factor by Index – distributing property adjustments in your Driven layers/shapes
– Maintain Original – keep your layers/shapes where they are and just add the Driver’s animation
– Invert Control – Get the Driven layers/shapes to do the opposite of the Driver
– Phase Shift – loop the Driver animation and phase-shift the Driven layer/shape (great for character arm swings!)
– Randomize – randomize the order in which the Overlap happens
– Index Control – reorder the order your Overlap at any time
– Color Labels – make it easier to identify your Driver & Driven layers/shapes

To use it, simply:
1. Set a keyframe on the layer you want to drive the whole animation
2. Click on Overlap
3. Choose your options
4. Click OK.

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