Paintstorm Studio 2.42

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Paintstorm Studio 2.42


Paintstorm Studio is created for professional digital painting. And a major role in this program play the brushes. We did our best so that you can easily and quickly adjust the brushes suitable for your painting style.

Anyone who has ever painted knows it’s hard to overestimate the painting tool and the importance of all the seemingly insignificant details. We tried not to miss any of them. Our goal was to create an intuitive, simple-to-use but at the same time functionally powerful tool that brings the process of digital painting to a new level, making it as comfortable as possible.

Main Features:

  • Incred?±ble Poss?±b?±l?±t?±es For Brush Sett?±ngs
  • Full Control Of All Brush Opt?±ons
  • Br?±stle Brushes Of Any Form And K?±nd
  • Stroke Post Correct?±on
  • Parameters B?±nd?±ng To The Perspect?±ve
  • Dynam?±c Interface (Panels Scale, Opacity, Color, Tab-Lock)
  • Custom Panels
  • Full Controlled Mask-Brush
  • Takes Underlayer’s Color Wh?±le Blend?±ng
  • “Close Gaps” Funct?±on When You F?±ll Or Select
  • Ind?±v?±dual Hotkeys For Any Brushes
  • Advanced Symmetry Tools

Additional Cookies:

  • Fast Layer Select?±on
  • Smooth Zoom And Brush Res?±ze
  • Smart “D?±rty Mode”
  • N?±ce Stroke Stab?±l?±zer
  • Usable Color M?±xer
  • D?±fferent Grad?±ent Strokes
  • Select?±on Autoh?±de
  • Psd Supported
  • Control Of The Random Amounts

What’s New:

VERSION 2.42 (17.09.2019)

  • This release is dedicated to improving ergonomics and fixing bugs.
  • The ability to select the scroll mode of lists added to In Menu-> File-> Options-> Interface, (Layers, Brushes, etc.)
  • 1) Tablet Style (Scrolling by any space; Swap layer / Brushes / Textures works by holding the mouse button)
  • 2) Hybrid (Scrolling by any space except the current layer / brush / texture. Swap works by a click on the current layer / brush / texture)
  • 3) Classic (As in Photoshop: Scrolling with scrollbar only, Swap works by a click on any layer / brush / texture)
  • The ??space?? now switches the fast scroll mode on (works in all three modes)
  • It has become much more convenient and predictable to work with groups of panels.
  • Erasers are now not tied to the second category. Now “E” will switch to the last selected eraser marked with the corresponding icon.
  • Individual layers and brushes colors can now be set through the context menu of the corresponding panel.
  • The “Select Lasso” tool has become much faster.
  • The minimum canvas size reduced to 8×8 pixels.
  • Over 50 minor bugs fixed.


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