Paragon NTFS 15.4.44

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Paragon NTFS 15.4.44


Paragon NTFS 15.4.44 Mac OS X

Using a Mac?? is a wonderful experience, until you try to use an NTFS-formatted drive, like most Windows hard drives. Therefore, to create, delete or modify any files on Windows NTFS drives, Paragon NTFS for Mac?? need. In a few minutes, neither will he remember he had a problem. Remove all barriers between NTFS and HFS + in a simple and reliable way.

Efficiency is everything
NTFS for Mac?? is the fastest application in the world, achieving speeds of native drivers, and is the first solution to support OS X El Capitan
Install it and let it run: that simple
You can access Windows partitions on your Mac?? so naturally you will forget where you are actually

Security matters
NTFS for Mac?? Paragon offers an unobstructed data exchange between Windows?? and Mac?? even under intense workload.

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