Pasta 1.0

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Pasta 1.0


Pasta is a beautiful and flexible manager for Mac clipboard. Save everything copied to your clipboard so you can reuse it later.

a€¢ Flexible interface Pasta grid helps you better see the history of your clipboard so you can quickly find what you are looking for .
a€¢ Pasta Open a keyboard shortcut or use the menu bar, double a€“ click to restore the cut and then paste out of your way.
a€¢ Filter your application cuts where they were copied or what they contain. Find a cut has never been easier.
a€¢ Powerful search can find cuts Pasta content, application type or even the name of the window.
a€¢ When copying confidential information like 1Password application, paste the screen obfuscate and encrypted when stored on disk.
a€¢ compatible modes of light and dark macOS Mojave Pasta.

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