Path Finder 8.5.1

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Path Finder 8.5.1


Path Finder makes you a master of file management. Take full control over your file system. Save your time: compare and synchronize folders, view hidden files, use Dual Pane and full keyboard navigation to browse your file system.

Work how you want: extreme customization allows you to access most tools in many different ways to suit your workflow. Work seamlessly with other platforms: don’t leave any hidden .DS_Store files on non-Mac volumes, delete files securely and completely with the powerful delete feature from any volume type, search any network volume.

– View and manipulate hidden files
– Dual Pane View
– Full keyboard navigation
– Folder comparison and synchronization
– Folder merging
– Batch renaming
– Powerful file filtering
– One-click dual-pane copy
– Bookmarks and Tab Presets
– ACL editor
– File tagging
– Editable Path Navigator
– Powerful low-level search
– Smart sorting
– Advanced selection
– Integrated terminal
– Integrated text and image editors
Changes in version 8.5.1:
a€¢ 8.5.1: Fixed errors copying files from FAT and ExFAT volumes.
a€¢ 8.5.1: Fixed crash and UI issues when syncing folders.
a€¢ 8.5.1: Fixed eventual file operation crash on macOS 10.11.
a€¢ 8.5.1: Fixed (de)compression of files with names containing some non-ASCII characters.
a€¢ 8.5.1: Fixed file operation progress UI glitches on macOS 10.12 and 10.13.
a€¢ New compression engine: up to 30% speed increase when compressing and even more when decompressing files.
a€¢ New compression engine: added creation of 7-ZIP, XAR, PAX and CPIO archives.
a€¢ New compression engine: added expansion of 7-ZIP, XAR, PAX, CPIO, RAR(3), AR, LHA/LHZ and CAB archives.
a€¢ New compression engine: added XZ, LZIP and LZMA (de)compression filters.
a€¢ New compression engine: uses the same UI as other file operations, including queueing, progress bar and time estimation.
a€¢ Up to 50% (depending on volume and file system type) speed increase when copying files (biggest speed improvements on SSD formatted as APFS).
a€¢ Added new undo interface for faster access from a sliding sheet.
a€¢ Added “Size Browser” toolbar item.
a€¢ Application bundle size reduces by nearly 30%.
a€¢ Fixed “Launch Path Finder at login” functionality.
a€¢ Fixed Path Finder Desktop text in dark mode.
a€¢ Fixed opening of stationery pad documents.
a€¢ Fixed empty browser window bug.
a€¢ Fixed some potential crashes and exceptions.
a€¢ Numerous other UI fixes and improvements.


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