Pixelmator 3.8.3

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Pixelmator 3.8.3


Pixelmator takes full advantage of the latest Mac technologies, giving you speedy, powerful tools that let you touch up and enhance images, draw or paint, apply dazzling effects, or create advanced compositions amazingly simple. Once your images are ready, access them anywhere with iCloud, send them to iPhoto or Aperture, email, print, share, or save them to popular image formatsa€“all right from Pixelmator.

And, the new Pixelmator 3.5 is redesigned to cohere with OS X Yosemitea€?s fresh and modern look, brings new OS X Continuity features, like Handoff and iCloud Drive support, and works wonderfully together with Pixelmator for iPad.

A powerful, pixel-accurate collection of selection tools

  • Quickly and easily select any part of an image
  • Edit and apply special effects to portions of your pictures
  • Select and remove unwanted elements of your photos
  • Cut out objects from one image to place in another

Top-notch painting tools

  • Paint with Pixelmator as you would on canvas
  • Use different brush sizes, shapes, hardness, and blending modes
  • Adjust brush settings to get just the look you want
  • Cover any area with beautiful gradients and color fills

Retouching tools

  • Correct wrinkles and repair scratches
  • Make flaws vanish from your photos, remove or re-arrange objects in a composition
  • Blur, sharpen, lighten, or darken specific areas
  • Get rid of the red eye effect with just one click
  • Distort or transform to subtly improve or give images a completely unexpected look.
  • Combine different tools and effects for an endless number of ways to refine your images

Drawing tools

  • Easily add, create, combine, and edit shapes
  • Quickly add lines, circles, rectangles, polygons, and many more custom shapes
  • Effortlessly apply shadows, fills, and strokes for more advanced shapes
  • Create buttons, icons, web page elements, illustrations, and much more

A real effects machine

  • Over 160 different breathtaking effects you can play with
  • Combine different effects for unique, near-effortless artistic creations
  • See stunning results in real-time

An elegant collection of professional-grade color correction tools

  • Adjust exposure, hue, saturation, shadows and highlights, brightness, contrast, and much more
  • Replace and remix colors
  • Dramatically improve less-than-perfect images with one click
  • Designed with friendly interface features for intuitive ease of use

Layer Styles

  • Easily add non-destructive layer effects like shadows, outlines, color, gradient fills, or reflections
  • Combine a set of effects to create and save your own unique layer styles presets
  • Or just use any of the Pixelmator Team-designed layer styles presets
  • Applying any of the layer styles presets is as simple as drag and drop


  • Send your images directly to iPhoto or Aperture
  • Open and save images using PSD, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and many other popular formats
  • Open and save Photoshop images with layers
  • Open and save 16-bits per channel images

iCloud, sharing, and saving for the web

  • Let iCloud automatically store your edited images and seamlessly take your work to all your Macs
  • You can completely skip manual saving of your documents thanks to Auto Save
  • Email your photos right from Pixelmator
  • Publish your images to social applications like Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Optimize and save images for use on your web pages, blogs, photo albums, and more

What’s New:

Version 3.8.3
This update adds a number of improvements and fixes a€” learn more about each one below.

  • The Clone Stamp toola€?s source preview has been improved and now updates immediately after zooming or panning the canvas.
  • The Clone Stamp toola€?s source will now be reset after turning Use Same Offset for Each Stroke on or off.
  • An Enter Vectormator Mode command is now available in the View menu, making it possible to give it your own keyboard shortcut and making it a little easier to turn this mode off if you turn it on accidentally.
  • When painting with the Gradient tool, its preview will now update when zooming or panning the canvas.


  • When using the Repair tool, a brush size preview would inadvertently appear when clicking the Diameter arrows. Fixed.
  • When changing brush Diameter, the preview was not taking into account canvas zoom. Fixed.
  • When using the Angle arrows of the Transform tool, it would take an extra click to move from 0?o. Fixed.
  • The position of the Clone Stamp toola€?s source crosshair was incorrect in many situations. Ita€?s now mostly correct but a few more fixes are on the way.
  • The a€?Click to add texta€? action label was not disappearing when dragging to add a text box. Fixed.
  • Images from the clipboard were not pasted in the center of the canvas. Fixed.
  • When choosing grouped tools in the Tools palette, the menu would sometimes appear under the cursor and immediately disappear. Fixed.
  • With certain formats in the Save dialog, the a€?Save copy asa€? controls were active even with this option unselected. Fixed.
  • In certain situations, applying effects would result in memory not being released after closing documents. Fixed.
  • In certain situations, using the Align and Distribute commands would cause memory to not be released after closing documents. Fixed.
  • Attempting to save a non-autosaved document to a new destination would cause Pixelmator to stop responding. Fixed.
  • Using Pixelmator > Services > Capture Selection from Screen without an open document would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
  • In some cases, using the color picker in the Gradients palette would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
  • Removing the Lucida Grande system font would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.


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