Progressive Downloader 3.5

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Progressive Downloader 3.5


Progressive Downloader 3.5

Progressive Downloader is a powerful and flexible download manager.

Key features:
* HTTP(S), FTP and SFTP(SSH) protocols support.
* Auto-resume downloads. Any interrupted download will be automatically resumed when your system wakes up or the application relaunches.
* Multi-thread downloads. Application downloads different parts of the file at the same time to make the downloading process faster.
* Queue manager. Control the order of your downloads by changing download priority.
* Mirror search. Automatic search for different locations of the same file to take the fastest one.
* Smart drag and drop. Drag and drop a part of text with hyperlinks on the application badge to download them. You can also do a similar operation with any text or html file.
* FTP and SFTP browser. Browse and download files with double click or using drag and drop.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later

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