QuickLens 2.8

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QuickLens 2.8


As a UI Designer/Developer, it is natural to explore the UI created by you or by others. Be it the margins that were chosen, angle used in a icon, length or bounding box of some element, the colors used or just zooming closer to the pixels. QuickLens offers a suite of tools that enable all of these actions and much more!

QuickLens allows you to:

  • Zoom into Pixels
  • Measure Dimensions and Angles
  • Sample Colors and maintain Palettes
  • Simulate Color Blindness and Color Contrast in real-time
  • Inspect Alignments
  • Check layouts with Grids
  • Overlay Guides on multiple monitors
  • Check real-time distances and bounding-boxes

…all through a suite of tools:
? Lens ? Ruler ? Frame ? Guide ? Monocle ? Crosshair

Compatibility: OS X 10.15 or later 64-bit
Homepage https://quicklens.app/


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