Rivium Software RiviumAI 2

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Rivium Software RiviumAI 2


RiviumAI is the best audio reverb plug-in and integrates advanced features for digital sound processing through artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this new technology it is able to automatically analyze and recognizemost sources, mainly voices, electric and classical guitars, electric and acoustic basses, synthesizers, acoustic and electric pianos.

RiviumAI is a powerful plug-in compatible with most DAWs that simplifies the post-production of any acoustic or digital instrument.

Through this software you will learn how to best set the reverb for your instruments, choose the optimal setting for your mix, manage the first and last reflections in real time and much more.

The main feature of RiviumAI (Beta version) is the Automatic Learning of the Algorithm. In fact, it continuously trains on Dry signal recording until it learns to Transform the Dry signal autonomously.

The end result is a Powerful Algorithm that models the ideal room at a tenth of the Processing costandand allows you to set an Automatic Reverb Time.

With the addition of new technologies, an all-in-one plug-in has been released that will allow you to use a single reverb to create any kind of sound.

RiviumAI will allow you to choose sounds that range from confined spaces and rooms, through traditional hall and plate sounds, to vast spaces modulated extremely quickly and with a revolutionary AI algorithm specifically developed for early and late acoustic energy alignment that provides the spatial and phase cues needed to create an “idealized” impression of the room with amazing precision and speed.

We have collaborated with technicians and manufacturers to train the neural network of the plug in. Using RiviumAI is like having a team of experts for your mixing session.
You can produce magnificent mixes of guitars, vocals and drums. With the latest updates we have introduced twelve original reverb algorithms that produce a wide range of natural reverb sounds.

RiviumAI offers an effective layout to create unique environments on any voice or instrument. You can quickly choose from realistic rooms and navigate deeper with advanced parameters to add your own personal touch.

Alternatively, you can use the new technology-based presets to quickly reach a starting point with an intelligent workflow that helps you choose sounds based on your needs. RiviumAI parameters can be automated in your DAW, allowing you to create sound spaces that evolve, move and blend with your music! With so many options, RiviumAI is a complete reverb chain in one plug-in.

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