SideNotes 1.2.7

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SideNotes 1.2.7


SideNotes keeps you from juggling with windows when searching for notes. The app always appears on top of other windows – you can easily hide it or pull it out from the side of your monitor with one click or with a keyboard shortcut. You can even use just your keyboard to work with your notes. Everything is in its place and you still have place for everything.

With SideNotes you can:

  • smoothly pull out your notes from outside your monitor and easily hide them back
  • mark notes with colors and group them into folders
  • drag and drop pictures directly from your web browser
  • save links, code snippets or even colors
  • create task lists and mark items done
  • create notes directly from the pasteboard
  • drop text files or folders
  • use 3 text formatting modes: Markdown, Plain Text and Code.

What’s New:

From 1.2 release:

This release was focused on automatic backups. Now, if you delete any note or folder accidentally, you can try to restore it using previous backup. New version also brings other improvements. Here is a full list of changes:

  • backups

  • new app icon

  • spell checking

  • UI improvements

  • cmd+click a file preview to reveal file in Finder

  • clicking a rendered color saves it in the Pasteboard

  • Preferences: an option to enter a folder with return key

  • Preferences: setting line height

  • Preferences: setting paragraph spacing

  • Preferences: an option to disable escape key

  • Improved performance of long notes

  • Removing indention or task if a user pressed return 2 times

  • Enhanced drag and drop into text

  • Adding space after a dropping link

  • FIXED: some users experienced an issue that application didn’t allow to enter any text

  • FIXED: moving note should go on top

  • FIXED: checkmark was barely visible

  • FIXED: it was possible to enter full screen with keyboard shortcuts

  • FIXED: modifying checkmark didn’t save changed immediately

Compatibility: OS X 10.14 or later 64-bit


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