SoundSource 4.1.0

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SoundSource 4.1.0


SounceSource lets you adjust your input, output, and sound-effects devices and volume settings in mere moments, right from the menu bar. Enable soft play-thru of input devices to your desired output, so you can hear sound coming in through any microphone or other source. With SoundSource, you get fast access to your Mac’s most important audio settings.

Instant Audio-Device Switching??– With just two clicks, you can switch the audio devices your Mac is using for input, output, and even sound effects.
Fast Volume Control??– SoundSource provides easy access to the volume controls for your audio devices as well.
Audio Play-Thru, Too??– SoundSource’s Play-Thru window makes it easy to monitor the audio coming from any input device.
Comprehensive??– SoundSource gives you one place to go for all Mac’s most important audio controls.
At Your Fingertips??– With SoundSource running in your menu bar, your audio controls are always available.
Lightweight??– When you don’t need SoundSource, it stays out of your way.

Magic Boost
Turn on Magic Boost to boost quiet audio so you can hear it, while louder audio is left untouched. Get richer, fuller sound from any source.

System Audio Settings
Quickly adjust volume and input levels, balance, and even sample rate for your system’s Output, Input, and Sound Effects devices.

System-Wide Audio Effects
Apply effects to sweeten the sound of all audio on your system, with the built-in 10 band equalizer and support for advanced Audio Unit plugins.

Per-App Volume Control
Adjust volume levels for each of your applications, all in one place. Make one app louder or softer than others, or even mute it entirely.

Per-App Output Redirection
Control exactly where audio plays. Route music from one app to your best speakers, while everything else is heard via your Mac’s built-in output.

Per-App Audio Effects
Use the built-in 10 band equalizer and support for Audio Units to sweeten the sound of individual apps.

Super Volume Keys
HDMI devices, DisplayPort monitors, and many other audio outputs fail to support the volume keys found on Mac keyboards. SoundSource makes those keys work with any outputs you have.

Customizable EQ Presets
When you get the exact right setting on the built-in EQ, you can save it for future use.

Handy Level Meters
See levels for your output and input audio devices. Better yet, individual app meters can help you spot which app is make mystery noises!

Menu Bar Access
SoundSource lives right in your menu bar, for fast and easy access to all your essential audio controls.

Global Keyboard Access
Set a keyboard shortcut to pull SoundSource forward, so you can control the app without even clicking the menu bar.

Floating Access
Making frequent adjustments? Pin SoundSource’s main window to make it float on your screen for instant access.

What’s New:

Version 4.1.0

  • Major Enhancement: SoundSource now offers support for Dark Mode on MacOS 10.14 (Mojave), with a new Dark theme, and a default a€?Match Systema€? option. It’s also possible to specify which theme is used, independent of the system.
  • Major Enhancement: It’s now easy to adjust audio from the Finder, as well as the OS’s a€?Text to Speecha€? functionality. Just select these sources from the new a€?Special Sourcesa€? section found in the updated a€?Add Appa€? Source selector, and you’ll be able to control and adjust the audio.
  • Major Enhancement: SoundSource now offers full Undo support, enabling you to easily revert changes you’ve made within the app.
  • Major Enhancement: SoundSource’s backend, Audio Capture Engine (ACE), has been updated to 10.1. This update includes several fixes and improvements, for the most stable audio capture possible.
  • Critical Bug Fix: Several issues which could cause SoundSource to pinwheel or crash have been fixed. These issues were fortunately quite rare, but also difficult to track down. If you previously experienced anything along these lines, please be sure to update to the latest SoundSource. If any similar problems persist, please let us know!
  • Critical Bug Fix: An issue where SoundSource’s backend could lock up due to rapid sample rate changes has been fixed.
  • Critical Bug Fix: Redirecting audio to Bluetooth devices should now be vastly more reliable (as reliable as Bluetooth can be, anyhow).
  • Enhancement: Sources which have any audio effects applied to them will now be marked with a small a€?FXa€? badge.
  • Enhancement: When the mouse pointer is over a slider, it is now possible to swipe or scroll to adjust it.
  • Enhancement: SoundSource’s main window now visibly dims when it’s in the background, for better clarity.
  • Enhancement: SoundSource now attempts to track USB audio devices across ports. If a device is unplugged from one port and plugged in to a different port, it is now more likely to continue working as desired.
  • Enhancement: SoundSource now offers a helpful secondary menu when right-clicking its menu bar icon.
  • Enhancement: Applications can now be added to SoundSource’s list by dragging them into the window. If SoundSource is not currently visible, dragging to the menu bar icon will make the main window appear, and the application can be dropped into the list.
  • Enhancement: SoundSource will now show a warning if a combination of Audio Unit effects will cause 100 ms of latency or more, as this will lead to an audible delay in hearing audio.
  • Enhancement: The a€?Add Appa€? Source selector has been updated, with interface improvements and other modifications.
  • Enhancement: The behavior of the mute control for Sound Effects has been updated to avoid user confusion.
  • Enhancement: A small number of poor-performing Audio Units are now blocked by default in SoundSource. For more details, please see this support article.
  • Enhancement: SoundSource now remembers up to the last 20 devices, rather than an unlimited (bottleneck-inducing) amount.
  • Enhancement: Plugin windows can now be closed with Cmd-W.
  • Enhancement: Window management and positioning has been improved in several ways. Plugin windows are now smarter about where they appear, and will move as necessary if SoundSource’s main window is moved. As well, if SoundSource’s app icon is not visible, and its hotkey is pressed, SoundSource now appears in a more logical location.
  • Bug Fix: A launching crash which would occur when an in-use Audio Unit plugin was removed from the system has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: When multiple devices with identical names are present, device changes are now better handled.
  • Bug Fix: SoundSource should now behave better on setups with multiple screens and/or multiple spaces.
  • Bug Fix: A glitch in audio that would occur when audio streams came and went has been fixed. This prevents an undesired issue where Magic Boost could behave in unexpected ways.
  • Bug Fix: Scanning for Bluetooth devices has now been greatly improved, fixing a problem where opening a device selector could cause a CPU spike.
  • Bug Fix: SoundSource’s menus and windows now behave better when using your Mac in full-screen mode and when switching between spaces.
  • Bug Fix: An audio dropout which could occur when a large number of plugins were present has been fixed.
  • Other: A cosmetic issue where a highlight on various controls could lag has been fixed
  • Other: Another cosmetic issue where slider knobs could incorrectly lose their shadows has been fixed.


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