Toontrack Epic Themes EZkeys MIDI

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Toontrack Epic Themes EZkeys MIDI


Adventure, drama, fantasy, action or the borderless imaginary world of animation – without the aid of epic themes and soundtracks, most would fall flat. With an absolute weightless effort, music can set a mood, tell a story or convey an emotion. It is simply a language of its own.

This EZkeys MIDI pack was inspired by larger-than-life movie themes, all with that bombastic blockbuster feel, and celebrates the ultimate power of music as a narrator and its majestic force as a storyteller. Whether for the silver screen, for when the curtain drops, the credits roll or for any song or idea that calls for a monumental touch, the Epic Themes EZkeys MIDI pack has something in store – from deceivingly ominous to full-on action-laden.

Prepare for a veritable odyssey of epic MIDI themes that will have you create music that’ll send shivers down your spine.

– Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by epic scenes, soundtracks and scores
– Eight (8) song folders with ‘Intro,’ ‘Main Theme,’ ‘B-theme’ and ‘Bridge’ sections in each
– Each song folder organized so that ‘Comp,’ ‘Melody’ and ‘Combined’ playing variations are available separately
– Tempos ranging from 75 BPM to 170 BPM
– Performed by professional session player


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