Voxengo CRTIV Reverb v2.1

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Voxengo CRTIV Reverb v2.1


oxengo is happy to release CRTIV Reverb version 2.1, a stereo reverberation effect plug-in for professional music production applications, available in AAX, AudioUnit, VST and VST3 plug-in formats, for macOS and Windows computers.

Version 2.1 update includes the following changes:

Added “Ambience 3” mode which offers a slightly different spatialization.
Added macOS Catalina compatibility.

CRTIV Reverb is a stereo reverberation effect plug-in for professional music production applications. This reverb plug-in provides a wide palette of reverb spaces while requiring only a minimal effort to obtain useful results. The tails created by this reverb are very dense and produce a well-defined spatialization. Since the reverb uses a kind of a€?true stereoa€? algorithm the panned sounds receive a good stereo field placement. We believe CRTIV Reverb provides one of the lushest reverb tails available on the market.

The early reflections placement, pre-delay and levels are chosen automatically based on a pre-defined model that depends on the a€?Room Sizea€? and a€?Ambiencea€? parameters. CRTIV Reverb is technically based on Feedback Delay Network building blocks using the Hadamard matrix, and uses self-modulation techniques.

CRTIV Reverb is great on any sound sources: vocals, synths, drums, mixes. The only drawback is that this reverb is a relatively CPU-demanding effect (it takes 7.5% of a single core of i7-7700K processor, at 44100 sample rate), for comfortable use it requires a higher-end processor.

CRTIV Reverb features:
Easy-to-use design
a€?True stereoa€? processing
Preset manager
Undo/redo history
A/B comparisons
Contextual hint messages
All sample rates support
Zero processing latency
Resizable user interface
Retina and HighDPI support

Homepage https://www.voxengo.com/product/crtivreverb/

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