Website Watchman 2.7.0

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Website Watchman 2.7.0


Monitor, archive, go back in time.. Website Watchman is an easy to use website archival utility.


  • Monitor a whole website, part of a website or a single page
  • Set up configs for multiple sites / pages
  • Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, monthly scan
  • Be alerted to any changes, visible text, source code or changes to the page’s resources
  • View and be able to demonstrate what a page looked like on a particular date
  • Be aware of every change to a competitor’s page / site
  • Runs locally, not a cloud service. Own your own data.
  • An archive is kept, including all changes to pages, images, style sheets and js
  • View a ‘living’ version of a historical page, not a screenshot
  • Switch between versions of the page to compare them
  • Export a historical page as image or collection of all of its files
  • Export the entire site, preserving all files as they were on a given date, or processed to make a browsable local copy of the site

What’s New:

Version 2.7.0:
Some interface fixes:

  • In light mode, the sidebar background remained dark and the dark text wasn’t easy to read
  • In text fields, editing operations such as paste / undo etc weren’t working
  • Other minor fixes
  • Adds ability to sort website configs into folders
  • Change to the website deletion. Was giving multiple alerts because the button deletes the webarchive for the site as well as the configuration. Users used to be able to cancel either of these operations and continue with the other. However, this was confusing to users. Now a single warning is given and both things are deleted. (in fact three, because deleting the config also deletes the schedule from the system, if set up.)
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Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64 bit


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