Aquaria & Sacrifice Expansion 1.3.1 + OSE v1.002

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Aquaria & Sacrifice Expansion 1.3.1 + OSE v1.002


Aquaria & Sacrifice Expansion 1.3.1 + OSE v1.002

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-Ka€?ed

OS version: 10.9
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel Core i3
RAM minimum: 2 GB
Video RAM: 1 GB

This is an unofficial a€?Reduxa€? build of the game made by me for a few friends a couple of years ago. It is based off the 1.1.3 (gog-1) build of the game as distributed by GOG but sports an updated engine, a vast fan-made prequel expansion, a built-in mod collection and Russian language support.


* Before launching the game, please delete any leftovers from earlier versions of Aquariawhich may reside at $HOME/Library/Application Support/Aquaria Fail to do so and face unpredictable game behavior, stability issues and unresponsive keyboard!

* Base game content, gameplay and mechanics identical to v1.1.3 (gog-1) by GOG.

* Engine updated to Aquaria OSE v1.002. Keep in mind that this is in fact much newer than the engine from vanilla 1.1.3 and offers better performance along with a handful of bugfixes!

* An in-game mod menu allowing to toggle on & off any of the few dozen mods already built into the game. This game build features every mod released for Aquaria by March 5th, 2018. All mods are turned off by default. In case you need to update or re-download any of the mods, in the game menu please go to Mods a€“> Browse & Download. The official mod repository may be offline due to the game being very old and almost forgotten.

* To start a fan-made campaign or level, go to Mods a€“> Installed Mods and select your desired campaign or level just once; once it is loaded, save the game to a vacant slot. From now on, you can simply Load your custom-campaign save from the main game menu. In fact, you can play the main game campaign and a number of fan-made campaigns or levels simultaneously, just by using different save slots.

* A huge fan-made standalone expansion, Sacrifice, is probably the first (and only) custom campaign you may need to try out after finishing the base game. Others suggest to start the whole saga with Sacrifice since ita€?s a prequel. Go to Mods a€“> Installed Mods to start playing Sacrifice.

* Therea€?s a number of eye candy mods available at Mods a€“> Customization Patches. Use them at your own risk. The game will crash if you toggle two or more Customization Patches affecting the same game resources.

* Gamepad support. Since the game was made with mouse & keyboard in mind and is poorly optimized for gamepads, it remains unknown which controllers are natively supported. If your gamepad is at least recognized as a generic HID device (e.g. a Dualshock 4) you can easily map it using ControllerMate. For an Xbox controller, youa€?ll also need Xbox gamepad homebrewn drivers for Mac.

* If you set your primary macOS language to Russian, the game (and a number mods) will use a makeshift Russian localization compiled from a number of sources. The Russian text and voice acting were adapted from a forgotten Russian-only CD release; all credit for text & voice goes to Snowball Studio and 1C Publishing. Certain in-game art featuring localized inscriptions (main menu, rock glyphs, puzzles) comes from the Zone of Games fan translation. Their translation was incomplete and there was no voice acting, but that artsy part was just superb! No such luck for the official Snowball / 1C release. The Russian game font that miraculously worked for Mac comes from an unknown modder, praise be upon him. Both Cyrillic fonts by 1C and Zone of Games produced gibberish on Mac because both localizations were hardcoded with Windows codepage in mind. The final piecing together, game resource surgery and translation of a few hundred English lines that arrived with certain later official updates that the localized Russian versions never receiveda€| well, thata€?s my work. Food, ingredient and pet names are left hardcoded in English to prevent a game-breaking bug (the other option was to stick with an outdated engine version)

Aquaria is an award-winning action-adventure game set in a massive underwater world teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. Join Naija, a lone underwater adventurer, as she travels from hidden caves shrouded in darkness, to beautiful, sunlit oases in search of her past. Shea€?ll uncover hidden treasures, explore uncharted waters, and do battle with massive underwater beasts to learn the truth about her family and reveal the secret of Aquaria.
a€“ Massive, beautiful world to explore
a€“ Compelling story woven through beautiful visuals, music and voice-overs
a€“ Innovative mouse-based control scheme and magic-based combat
a€“ 175 unique creatures to discover, interact and do battle with
a€“ Dozens of treasures to attain
a€“ Cooking system for creation of powerful items

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