Running With Rifles: Pacific

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Running With Rifles: Pacific


Running With Rifles: Pacific

RUNNING WITH RIFLES: PACIFIC is an expansion for RIFLES WITH RUNNERS, a tactical shooter with top-down view, which has received high scores.
In RUNNING WITH RIFLES: PACIFIC , you take a leap in time to the Pacific theater during World War II, to witness the epic clash of forces between the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) and Marines of the United States (USMC) a€“ Wrestling on crags land of those who never heard them speak.

Engage the enemy on islands marked by history a€“ Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan, and more, all based on real geographies where the IJA and the USMC fought. Take part in a unique campaign for each faction; You will defend the airfield on Guadalcanal Henderson as the USMC, or fighting with honor to recover as the IJA? Make history or change it a€“ depends on you.


2 full campaigns that show the greatest battles of the Pacific Theater
7 unique maps based on locations and real battles
a wide range of real historical vehicles, from light tanks, jeeps, ground defenses, landing craft to patrol
an arsenal of historical weapons, which will evolve as the war progresses
new types of weapons including flamethrower, bayonets and Katana
Secondary objectives ranging from destroying coastal guns or anti-aircraft defenses to rescue prisoners or fix disabled tanks.
40+ multiplayer support, dedicated servers, cooperative, PVP, PvPvE

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