Save Koch (2019)

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Save Koch (2019)


Save Koch is a strategic simulation game all about a mafia godfather under threat. Unknown forces are working overtime to get you out of the picture and therea€?s a sneaky mole within your entourage, whoa€?s helping bring you and your empire to the knees!

Gather your loyal soldiers and do whatever you have to to stay in chargea€”hire detectives, torture witnesses, study the cluesa€”do everything you need to figure out who is behind this attack and find the traitor in six days..

Main features

  • Unique sci-fi noire genre
  • High tension: complete your investigation in just six days in an atmosphere of stress, panic and suspicion.
  • Live with the consequences: once you make your decisions, therea€?s no going back and each decision can impact the outcome
  • Roguelike elements: new gameplay could turn yesterdaya€?s enemy into todaya€?s best friend, and a well-known situation could play out completely differently
  • Thieves, detectives, thugs: select your crew and use their various skills to your advantage
  • Entertaining thriller: immerse yourself in a futuristic atmosphere of cyberpunk, noire and black humor. Keep safe and stay on top!


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