The Shrouded Isle 2.1 w/ Sunken Sins

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The Shrouded Isle 2.1 w/ Sunken Sins


The Shrouded Isle 2.1 w/ Sunken Sins

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-Ka€?ed

OS version: 10.8.5
Processor type(s) & speed: (unknown)
RAM minimum: 2 GB RAM
Video RAM: n/a

Includes Sunken Sins DLC.

More info:

The Shrouded Isle

As the high priest, uncover and purge heretics to prepare for the awakening of your beloved god beneath the waves.

Now including the Sunken Sins expansion with a more robust inquiry system, lengthened campaign mode, and a new purification tower mechanic, cinematic ending, art, additional events, personality traits anda€| madnessa€|?


Villagers with secret, randomly assigned virtues and vices create a different strategy every time.
Carefully choose who to serve as your advisors, as one of them must be your sacrifice at seasona€?s end.
Rename villagers at whim, and thereby sacrifice simulacrums of your friends, family, or followers.
6 different colour schemes available.
Search out the true heretics with unforgivable sins, to quiet the voices in your dreams.
Find all seven cinematic endings and meet your Lorda€?s expectations of purity.

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