Toddler Simulator

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Toddler Simulator


Toddler Simulator

Have you ever wanted to relive your days as a baby? Does the carefree joy of making you care? The destruction, chaos or anarchy? This is your chance to do so!
Disorganizes your room, the bathroom becomes a mess and then go and discover what lies beyond the door freely explore a vast world of possibilities. Leave a trail of destruction since you wake up until you go back to sleep. A huge world awaits you with plenty of houses and buildings you can get cars that can drive (Shhh, let him not find out youa€?re a baby!), Several missions, lots of collectibles, hidden areas and more.

That why you should play this game? The question should be why not!
You can destroy things
can jump higher muuuuuy
Forklift driving is fun
Physical are stupidly funny
The baby dancing breakdance, dancing chick and more!

That What if I have more reasons?
You can customize your baby
We have trees, that is that we are friendly to the ecosystem
Did I mention that you can destroy things?

What if you really are a baby?
In the game, yes.
In real life a€| maybe. Simulator is suitable for Toddler all ages! Not seriously. My a€?adorablea€? little inspirations have played it and approve.

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