Yearn Tyrant’s Conquest

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Yearn Tyrant’s Conquest


Yearn Tyrant’s Conquest

The simultaneous turn – based combat strategy game brings your couch!
Go to battle Yearn Tyrant’s Conquest and crush your enemies with furious attacks and hordes of minions. Fight in a variety of different battlefields in the remains of a great past world devastated by tyrants. Choose one of them and dominate the battlefield.

Yearn is made for gamepads, but is fully compatible with mouse and keyboard. With hot seat mode and enemies of the CPU if you have a few drivers or friends! The perfect game for local multiplayer show!


Based combat simultaneous shift
Play as 4 manic tyrants
20 maps to conquer
Conquest mode with 5 cups to choose
Game mutators to twist the game
CPU bots for a player
Share a controller for multiplayer or use multiple controllers

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