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Like A Dino!

Like A Dino! v2.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)

Category:Music Games OS:Android

Size:47.8 MB Latest update:Jan 12, 2024


About Like A Dino!

No game has ever hooked me like "Like A Dino!"!

Enter the world of dinosaurs

Like A Dino! is a healing game about dinosaurs. With simple operations, your body and mind can be relaxed, thus healing your tired mind.


How to eat happily

You will play the role of a small green dinosaur in Like A Dino!

 In the beginning, your neck is the normal length, but over time, your neck will become longer, even longer than a giraffe. You need to move your fingers nimbly to make the dinosaur eat the food that falls. The truth is that to make the dinosaur eat in a limited time, you need to be nimble!

How to survive

In the first few levels, players will find this game very relaxed and simple. But the difficulty of the game will increase as the level increases. In later levels, you will eat more and more slowly, but you cannot let the food exceed the deadly dotted line. Once you exceed it, you will lose "life"!

So the key to scoring and winning is how you organize your eating movements. Of course, your hand speed is also crucial. You didn't expect that just such a simple game can exercise your fingers.

To remind you that the life of a dinosaur is limited. You have a chance to restore life, but not many. Every opportunity is crucial, be sure to seize it. Once you use up all the opportunities, the game is over. You have to start all over again.

In addition, the life of dinosaur can be increased by eating some special coloered foods. You need to notice it.


Little dinosaur has his own troubles

This is an adult dinosaur, so he's already looking for love! He will meet his destined other half. Let me tell you quietly: he likes pink.

Every day his mood changes a lot. After passing each level, you can unlock his different mood. In the world of Like A Dino!, you will find that even if life will be unsatisfactory, as long as you believe in yourself, everything will be fine! This is what the little dinosaur teaches you.

What do you get in the world of "Like A Dino!"?

1. A delightful dinosaur story

This is a story you've never seen or heard before, and everything feels new and interesting. Because no one has ever been a dinosaur! You never know how a dinosaur feels, or even how he fell in love with another dinosaur.


2. Everything has no sharp parts, everything is lovely

The author tells us through her brushstrokes that in the world of "Like A Dino!", everything will be smooth and peaceful. There are no violent conflicts, disputes, or obstacles to overcome. Whether it is a dinosaur or a text, it is round and does no harm. This is what the author has been trying to convey: always full of love and positive power.

If the real world is always so sharp and hard to calm down, then enter the world of "Like A Dino!" to restore your strength!

3. If a song has color, it must be green

In "Like A Dino!", you will hear music that is very consistent with the atmosphere of the whole game. You can bookmark them if you like. There are also many different options in the music store. You can of course choose the music you like to start the game, but then lose some of the freshness and surprise. You can choose to shuffle if you want. Trust me, the choices of the game designers will not disappoint you.

There are still many exciting content that cannot be described in words. Enter the world of "Like A Dino!" and discover a series of beautiful things!


Like A Dino! Like A Dino! Like A Dino! Like A Dino! Like A Dino!