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Twisted Tangle

Twisted Tangle v1.34.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Puzzle Games OS:Android 5.1+

Size:183.5 MB Latest update:Jan 12, 2024


About Twisted Tangle

Now it seems that gaming has become one of the ways for people to have fun. People spend part of their leisure time playing games to make their daily lives less boring. So do you also play some games in your leisure time? What types of games do you usually get addicted to? What do you think is the appeal of these types of games? We also have a particularly interesting game here.

What is Twisted Tangle?

It's a surprising and fun puzzle-solving game. This game was only released in May this year, and it has been very popular both in the past and now. It attracts gamers from all over the world, and this game is both fun and intellectual, allowing users to quickly become addicted to it.


Main Features of Twisted Tangle.

1. The game is more brain-burning and requires players to calm down and think seriously.

l  In this game, players need to connect lines of the same color without crossing or overlapping them with lines of different colors. Players will find it very easy to play at first, because this is to guide players to understand the gameplay thoroughly and prepare for the future. The first levels are all very easy, mainly so that the player can find the feel of the game. However, as the player's level increases, the difficulty will slowly increase, and the player should not underestimate each game link, it is a step-by-step, from simple to complex process. Players need to calm down and carefully overcome some levels with obstacles and traps. Some levels will have boosters to help players solve some of the puzzles that they will encounter later.


l  The difficulty starts at level 10 before it really enters the game. The higher the player's level, the ropes will mix together in a way that is difficult to see with the naked eye, and no matter how the player looks at it, it is impossible to tell which rope it is. Some of them require two lines separated by a lot of space, and there are a lot of obstacles in between, which is really a lot of tricks, but the player has to solve these cards in order to move on to the next level. Therefore, the gameplay of this game is not easy at all, and it requires users to spend a lot of energy watching and thinking before they can pass.

2. Featuring a wide variety of game modes.

In order for players to enjoy the game, this game has developed three game modes, and players can choose reasonably according to their level.


l  The first is the refresh mode, which is that if the player makes a mistake at a certain step, just press the refresh button on the interface, and the rope that was just misplaced will return to its original place, and the player can think carefully about how to connect it. It's a great game mode for new players to avoid the frustration of not getting through all the time, and to give players the confidence to keep playing.

l  The second is the time mode, which limits the time for the player to complete each puzzle, and the player must complete the puzzle within the allotted time or the game fails. The time will be clearly displayed on the game's home screen, making it easy for players to watch and calculate the time left.

l  The third is the infinite mode, which allows players to relax and think about the game without worrying about time.

3. It has a very beautiful game interface.

The game's interface is very beautiful and elegant, and both the color scheme and the animation effects are very attractive. It allows users to better focus on the game. In addition to that, this application also offers attractive music and songs for users during the gameplay time. 


Why is Twisted Tangle a Good Game?

This game can improve the player's concentration and also allow the player to enrich themselves in their leisure time.

Download the Latest Version of Twisted Tangle.

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