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Toca Hair Salon 3

Toca Hair Salon 3 v2.2-play MOD APK (Full Game)

Category:Educational Games OS:Android

Size:64.4 MB Latest update:Dec 29, 2023


About Toca Hair Salon 3

   A hairstyle is your own choice, no one can judge you purely by your hairstyle, and this is the value Toca Hair Salon 3 wanna pass on to people.

Introduction to Toca Hair Salon 3

   There's a girl who had her whole childhood been laughed at by her hairstyle. She has a special and naturally beautiful hairstyle, but she was never proud of that at her young age. As an African person, she has the typical hair that most Africans have, thick, strong, kinky and crowny hair. Originally, the hair tells her roots and identity as an African, but practically, she only finds it annoying and awkward when staying with her friend.
   To not be ridiculed anymore, she tried to straighten her naturally curly hair. In the beginning, she was happy when no one would take her as unusual, but as time flew, she began to realize the curly hair she was born to have tells who she is and where she comes from. The hair and herself are integrated and indivisible. She truly accepts herself and her hair.

   The story is the core concept of Toca Hair Salon 3. It means you can decide what your hair is like, it's your natural right, and everyone should respect this right without misunderstanding or discrimination.


Outstanding features

1. Cultivate your creativity

   If you are a kid, you are definitely suitable for this game. Because at this age, your creativity can be constantly cultivated and inspired. Enormous inventions are based on incredible creativity. In 2009, the UK's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) called for creative ideas for the future from children and received 85,000 entries. One kid came up with the idea of robots that can cook and make any dish you order, which has been made true as the automatic cooking machine.

   If you're an adult, there is no reason for you to refuse such a fun game to rebuild your creativity. There are plenty of tools and machines to get a haircut. At first, you need to comb your hair, because no one's hair is originally neat. Then, you will wash your hair, of course. Remember, every step is based on reality. You dry your hair with a pink dryer, cut the hair as you like, dye your hair with any color you imagine, and curve or straighten it as you wish.


2. Show your personality

   Everyone can choose his own image. You can be a boy or girl, with white skin or brown, have curly hair or straight, be naughty or mature, etc. There are 10 more characters you can choose from. Your image is changeable. Sometimes, you feel the hair is too long and cut it; the other day, you find it a little short, so you grow it so long that it covers half of your face; someday, you think the original color of your hair is ugly and you paint it to a rainbow!

   With the increase in your imagination, your personality gradually emerges. You can change your clothes, wear as many hair accessories as possible, get a chic hairstyle like Usagi Tsukino of Sailor Moon, and wear a hat or a pair of glasses.


Why is Toca Hair Salon 3 a good app?

   It's a game but isn't just a game. For the game part, users gain happiness and fun when creating their own special hair with a large number of tools and decorations. Everything that is needed in real life will be the same in Toca Hair Salon 3, which makes users feel real and funny.

   Last but not least, find out your true personality in Toca Hair Salon 3! You don't have to hide it because no one will judge you here. Just be yourself, get a haircut, and become charming!


Download the latest version of Toca Hair Salon 3 right now!

   Compared with Toca Hair Salon 2, Toca Hair Salon 3 has more types of hairstyles. Some will be beyond your imagination. Get it and make your own hair!


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