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Hollywood Story

Hollywood Story v11.14 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Adventure Games OS:Android 5.0+

Size:137 MB Latest update:Jan 23, 2024


About Hollywood Story

Do you want to be a super shinny star? Do you want to stand on the biggest dream platform of Hollywood and show your wonderful performance? Even though these are dreams that ordinary people can't reach even after a lifetime of hard work, why not come to Hollywood Story's "Showbiz", where you'll play as a poor actress who rises from the bottom to become one of Hollywood's top actresses.

What is Hollywood Story?

Hollywood Story is an ultra-simulation game with ultra-high-definition 3d graphics and realistic game scenes, allowing players to experience how a small actor becomes a big star on the road to growth.

In the game, the player needs to make the game protagonist more and more popularity, can be through the participation in various films, with the agent to talk to, complete the plot task and so on, until the task to become Hollywood's most famous and most shining actor. As the game progresses, there are many scenes to be unlocked, such as Manhattan, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, and more!

Main Features of Hollywood Story:

Acting in different movies

The only option for players to become professional actors is to star in a movie, where they can decide on the plot and elements of the movie. In addition, surprisingly, the game plot is very close to the real world, when your popularity rises, there will be paparazzi squatting at your door to dig up your secrets! Please increase your exposure as much as possible and you will receive offers for movies and TV series.


Customize character appearance

As a star in the limelight, a beautiful and stylish appearance is essential. The good news is that players can customize the appearance of the game's protagonist, as you can see, Hollywood story allows players to change the protagonist's hairstyle, accessories, makeup, skirts, tops, pants, shoes and more. The game offers a large selection of beautiful and expensive outfits to choose from, and as the game progresses, more outfits will be unlocked. In short, the ordinary heroine will become a shining star, all thanks to you.

Complete mission of the game

Through the player's efforts, the player will receive different movie offers, and each movie production company will let you play a different role, you must according to the character's qualities, draw the corresponding makeup and choose the appropriate clothing, otherwise you may lose this opportunity, after the success of the player will be the same as the reality of the big star to attend the event, and interact with the fans, answering interviews, investing in business and so on.


Challenges to be faced

Becoming a big star is not an easy task, you need to work hard for it and grab the right opportunity, after all, there are times when position is more important than ability. In the process, players may face challenges such as financial crisis, making a portfolio, talking to agents, auditioning at movie studios and so on, all of which will give you a real sense of being a star, and when you overcome these difficulties, it means that your career is starting to rise.

Download the Latest Version

Becoming a big star doesn't mean that your challenges are over, you will start enjoying the fruits of your efforts. You can design your own clothing brand as one of the sources of income, you can also go to variety shows as a judge and score different performances, and more importantly, you will enter the high society, you get the chance to get acquainted with more celebrities, and maybe you will meet and fall in love with one of them. 

Star life is so shiny and colorful, I'm sure you'll be addicted to it! Download Hollywood Story now and experience the life of a big star for free.


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