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Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever v20.0.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Category:Arcade Games OS:Android

Size:163 MB Latest update:Jan 25, 2024


About Cooking Fever

Many people dream of opening their own restaurant and becoming a top chef, whether their guests' needs are for appetisers or haute cuisine. Welcome to the culinary world of Cooking Fever, where you can turn your dreams into reality! You'll be a chef in disguise, serving guests of all ages!

What is Cooking Fever?

Cooking Fever is a classic casual cooking game that has gained a lot of popularity among gamers with its rich scenarios and realistic food design. Players will take on the role of a high-class chef and serve every guest who comes to the restaurant to order food. The restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes with different tastes, so you need to deliver the delicious food within the limited waiting time of the guests.

In addition, you can redecorate your restaurant to attract more customers, and the equipment in the kitchen needs to be upgraded to allow you to make more and better food. Recipes and cooking methods will change as you go along, and you'll need to master the art of cooking quickly to become a more advanced chef!

Main Features of Cooking Fever:

Creating rich dishes

At the beginning of the game, because of the limitations of the recipes, the guests do not order a lot of food, may be a hamburger, a French fries, a hot dog sausage, as the level of the restaurant, more recipes will be unlocked, the guests will need a variety of high-level dishes, such as a sushi with caviar, a cheese and corn pizza, a vegetable salad, and so on, and even ice cream, doughnuts and other desserts, which are rich in colour and shape, and the wafting of the hot air, the appetites of the people!


Meet customers'needs

As an experienced chef, you should also have seen all kinds of guests and believe that you can deal well with these guests who are smiling, crying or angry, remember that difficult guests will only bring you one step closer to success. Every guest who comes to your restaurant will ask you for different things, you need to allocate your time and resources wisely to serve them delicious food in their limited waiting time, otherwise they will get angry and even give you a bad review!

Upgrade your kitchen facilities

The game will provide players with the most modern and cleanest kitchen in the town, which is very complete, including rice cookers, pizza ovens, popcorn machines, juicers, baking pans, grills, and so on. As the player's experience improves, more kitchen facilities will be unlocked, and the player will be able to make more delicious food and increase the revenue of the restaurant. In addition, cooking materials need to go through layers of screening to ensure food safety, you need to throw unfresh ingredients into the trash, otherwise it will greatly reduce your restaurant's reputation and even the closure of the situation!

Multitasking ability

In this game, it is actually the player's ability to multitask that is exercised.Almost all the cooking machines are automated, and the player needs to prepare the dishes according to the needs of the customers. However, there is not only one customer at a time, and the cooking time for each dish is different, which tests the player's ability to allocate the time, which is one of the difficult parts of the game. For example, while waiting for the pizza to fry, the player can first prepare a cola for another customer.

Create your own restaurant

In a restaurant, it's not only the food that attracts people, the décor is also impressive. Please redecorate your restaurant to attract more guests. Players can improve the interior decoration and equipment of the restaurant, such as replacing the tables and chairs with vintage style ones, placing a pot of violet flowers by the window, and hanging a girly painting on the wall, and all these measures will improve your restaurant level!


Download the Latest Version

This is a stress relieving casual game, players can relax by completing each order perfectly, the overall painting style of the game is very cute, the food is colourful and looks realistic, it's well worth a try. Download Cooking Fever now and start your journey as a small town chef!


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