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Head Soccer

Head Soccer v6.19.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Sports Games OS:Android 4.1+

Size:172 MB Latest update:Jan 25, 2024


About Head Soccer

Every four years, the world's top football event is held, that is, the World Cup, this tournament will cause a global sensation, people from all over the world are looking forward to their favourite football team scoring points, cheering for their own football stars, which can see how popular football is a sport. Head Soccer is not just a normal football game, it breaks the tradition by letting players pass the ball with their "head", which is much more interesting and challenging!

What is Head Soccer?

Head Soccer is a classic sports game that has gained popularity among players from all over the world with its interesting style and intense football matches, and with more than 50 million downloads, it is a testament to the popularity of this game. In the game, players need to use the head as a weapon, in compliance with the basic principles of football, throw the ball into the opponent's net to score.

Players can choose different characters on the field, each character has its own skills and characteristics, players just need to follow the strategy and gameplay options. There are a total of 9 game modes to choose from, and official events are held regularly to enhance the fun and playability of the game.

Main Features of Head Soccer:

Try to win this competition

The gameplay is actually very simple, as you can see in football matches, where the game is played between two teams, and the players need to score points by dribbling the ball in a unique way and putting it into the opponent's net within the allotted time, while adhering to the most basic principles of a football game. As you may have noticed, your character's head is big enough to support the ball, which is what makes this game so unique.


Various game modes

There are 7 game modes in total, you can choose what you like. The 7 game modes are Arcade Mode, Tournament Mode, Survival Mode, League Mode, Heads Up Cup Mode, Death Mode and Fighting Mode, or if you love intense tournaments then you can choose Arcade, Tournament or Heads Up Cup Mode, where you'll be representing your country and competing for trophies.

90 Characters to choose

Not only does the game feature intense and exciting matches, but there is also a wealth of characters to choose from. There are a total of 90 types of these characters, including some famous footballers and cartoon characters. Players you usually see on TV such as Crow, Messi, Neymar, etc. will appear in the game, in addition to the quirky and cute ghost dolls, and the adorable superheroes are also in the game. Each character has their own special skills, such as fireballs, lightning shots and more.


Upgrade your character

These characters are not static and players can upgrade their skills to maximise their power through the rewards they receive from the game. Players can upgrade their characters for speed, jumping, sprinting, power and more, and as the game progresses, players may unlock other special abilities for their characters. Crush your opponents with magnificent special shots and win the championship in League Mode!

Download the Latest Version

In Head Soccer, players can also play against their friends via Bluetooth or through the Game Centre to have a real football duel with players all over the world, who are sure to be impressed by your elegant dribbling and great goal-scoring skills.

In addition, the game has a community where players can enjoy sharing their play style and honours, as well as checking out how other players are improving their proficiency in the game. Download Head Soccer now and no one can stop you from having a virtual football game!


Qs: Can I play this game with my friends?

Ans: That's for sure, you can work together as teammates against other players or as competitors in a fair fight!


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