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Criminal Case: Paris

Criminal Case: Paris v2.41 MOD APK (Unlimited money/Energy)

Category:Adventure Games OS:Android 5.0+

Size:81.6 MB Latest update:Jan 25, 2024


About Criminal Case: Paris

You are a talented detective, you joined the top detective team in Paris, although the city of Paris has a beautiful scenery, everything is thriving, but behind the calmness of the hidden murderous opportunities, the colour of blood will come, can you find clues in the scene of the crime, in every seemingly innocent suspects to find incriminating evidence to confirm their crimes, and the truth will be made known to the public? This will be a great test of your logical thinking, are you ready?

What is Criminal Case: Paris?

Criminal Case: Paris is a classic detective game based on the theme of murder cases in big cities, which is loved by players with its realistic style and rich game scenes. Players need to take the role of a talented detective and start a journey to Paris, but this journey is very foggy, with all kinds of puzzles and murder cases coming one after another. 

All you need to do is to search for evidence, investigate the case, hunt down the culprits and find the truth, which is a great test of the player's psychological quality. However, the murderer often hides in the darkness and seems to be irrelevant to the whole case, so will you be able to sort out the whole case clearly and catch the real culprits in this bustling metropolis?

Main Features of Criminal Case: Paris:

Search carefully for incriminating evidence

When the case occurs, you will be taken to the scene, which is naturally in a state of disarray, and amidst the objects scattered everywhere and the large amount of blood, you must first identify the cause of death of the deceased. Based on the strangulation marks or stab wounds on the victim's body, you will need to determine what weapon struck the victim. Next, you will need to look at every item in the room, as the murderer can never take all the evidence with him, a glass of poisoned red wine, a revenge diary entry, and scattered jewellery could be the key to solving the case!


Cases of different offences

As a well-known detective, it is not possible to solve only one case, in this fashionable city behind, every day in the drama of the scene, love killings, revenge killings, jumping suicides, rainy day killings and so on, your ultimate goal is to clear away the fog in front of you, to see the truth, to exclude suspects, and return their innocence, will be the real murderer apprehended.

What you need to be able to 

This game is different from the usual leisure and entertainment games players have played, it is a very test of all aspects of the player's ability, such as logic, analytical ability, judgement, ability to sum up and so on. Want to solve the case, the player must do to analyse the scene of each item and the association of the dead, combing the dead and the relationship between the suspects, to find the most suspected person, and finally through the collection of evidence to determine who is the real murderer, any one of the ability, indispensable!

Interact with different characters

You will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of different characters, each character has its own personality, past and secrets, each character is rich in charisma, whether it's a friendly colleague beside you, or the murderer hidden in the dark, they have their own personality traits and stories, the characters are very full of character, and is not the common protagonist of the common game of the backdrop, you need to look for clues related to the cause of death from the conversation with them, your inference will have a direct impact on the story of the direction of the story, don't be misidentified as a murderer, or else your deduction of the journey will be meaningless!


Download the Latest Version

In Criminal Case: Paris, you will really experience what it's like to be a detective, all the puzzles are waiting for you to solve, you need to connect all the clues related to the case, deduce the cause, process and result of the case, at the same time, you also need to interact with the characters and understand the background of the story, so that you can quickly solve the case. Download Criminal Case: Paris now and start an amazing adventure!


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