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House Designer : Fix & Flip

House Designer : Fix & Flip v1.1473 MOD+APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Adventure Games OS:Android 4.4+

Size:94.1 MB Latest update:Jan 25, 2024


About House Designer : Fix & Flip

Do you like doing housework or cleaning your house? Are you a fan of designing houses? Many people like designing works, they love to design various unique and special things for the house. The wall, table, dinnin room, kitch, garden and many ohters, all these items of a house are varied acording to th edifferernt tastes of people. If you like designing houses, now there is a good opportunity for you. You can realize your thoughts in the game of House Designer: Fix & Flip.


What is House Designer : Fix & Flip?

House Designer: Fix & Flip. It is a funny house renovation game. If you are a house renovating enthusiast, you can make your creative thoughts come true in this game. There are many things you need to do. Including cleaning the house, replace those bad or worn furniture. You need to use multiple cleaning tools to clean those dirty items. The game is just like the real world. There are some stains that are very difficult to clean up, and you need to think of ways to hide them.

In addition, you can buy new and beautiful furniture to replace those old and worn ones. But buying furniture requires a lot of money. You need to earn a large amount of money to pay for these furnitures. There are various jobs available for you. You can choose from them according to your considerations. After having enough money, you can buy various furniture to decorate your house and make it more attractive than before.

You can also rearrange your garden and backyard. You need to weed the lawn and make it cleaner and tidier. You can also build a pool. All things are decided by you. The only limitation is your imagination.

Features of House Designer : Fix & Flip

1. Cleaning Your House

The first thing you need to do after entering this game is to clean your house. Your house is not very clean and tidy at the beginning of this game, so you need to clean up those dirty things and make your house more clean and beautiful than before. This game is a simulation game, so all elements and operations are very similar to the real world. Some of the stains and trash in the house are very difficult to clean up and can only be hidden. You need to use different cleaning tools to clean up those dirty stains and restore the house to its original appearance..


2. Redesign and Renovate Your House

After cleaning up your house, the second thing you need to do is make it more beautiful. The things you need to do include buying various beautiful and suitable furnitures for your house. You can also redesign the configuration of your house and make it become your favorite look. You can design the amount of room and the spatial layout of the house. You can lay some flowers on the door and in the rooms. All can be designed and decided by you.

3. Design Your Garden

Aside from interior design, you can also work on designing your garden. It's important to keep the lawn free of weeds for a cleaner look. You can plant a variety of plants in the garden, with some flowers growing in the ground, some in baskets, and some hanging on the wall. With careful planning, you can create a wonderful and attractive garden. Adding a chair and a sunshade can create a cozy spot to enjoy the morning sunshine. Get creative and come up with different ideas to design your garden.


Download the Latest Version of House Designer : Fix & Flip

If you like cleaning and designing houses, House Designer: Fix & Flip is your best choice. You can unleash your imagination and creativity in this simulation game. Download and try it immediately!


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