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Merge Mystery

Merge Mystery v3.13 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Category:Puzzle Games OS:Android 7.0+

Size:221 MB Latest update:Jan 26, 2024


About Merge Mystery

You must always see classic elimination games and puzzle games in some adverts and are very interested in them, however, after downloading them you realise that it's all a scam, the good news is that Merge Mystery combines the two, allowing players to enjoy the fun of elimination mode while immersing themselves in solving the puzzles in the island, which is very helpful in releasing the stress and bringing a good mood!

What is Merge Mystery?

Merge Mystery is a casual puzzle game that offers classic triple elimination puzzle gameplay, which has gained popularity among players around the world for its beautiful graphics and rich game scenes. In this game, you need to repair broken places, synthesise items in the game board to turn them into powerful tools, collect rewards for elimination, unlock one of the pieces of the mysterious story, and delve into the story of the island.

The inhabitants of the island will ask you various requests, do not forget to respond to them and complete their tasks, there will be great rewards waiting for you, which you can use to repair broken houses, buy new decorations and revive the island!

Main Features of Merge Mystery:

The game's main plot line

You came to this island to build a new home, but everything is not as good as you thought, there are dilapidated houses everywhere, you need to repair the island by synthesising new tools, do what the islanders want, solve the puzzles to fix the broken parts and rebuild the new parts, to make a barren land thriving again.


How to play this game

In fact, the gameplay of the game is very simple, players who have played elimination games should know better. Players need to observe the various items on the game board, these items are more than 1,000 kinds of dazzling, players find 2-3 identical items can be clicked to synthesise a new tool, if there are still the same tool on the game board, you can synthesise a more advanced tool.

Improve your cooking talent 

Eat enough to have the strength to work, delicious food can make people forget their worries and pain, in each level, the game will provide a recipe, the player needs to find the corresponding raw materials to merge them, you can get a by super tasty top food. As the game progresses, it's also vital to improve your culinary talent.

Combine raw materials to create tools

The tools in the game board are different every time, there are baking tools, garden plants, gems and so on. Combine baking ingredients to create delicious apple pies, vanilla cheesecakes and blueberry muffins, or combine basic tools to create planes, cars and more to help you on your journey. Look at the items on the board and combine 2-3 of them to create a new item.

No time limits

No time limit, very relaxing and stress relieving. The game doesn't have a time limit like other games, and the rewards will motivate you to go further, earn coins to buy house decorations and vehicles, customise your island home and upgrade your neighbourhood amenities.


Download the Latest Version

This is a casual decompression puzzle game, a very test of the player's logic and observation skills, in a variety of tense and exciting game to stand out, the inhabitants of the pleasant scenery on the island are very much in need of you to rebuild their homes, download Merge Mystery now.


Qs: Is this game suitable for newbies? Is it free to play?

Ans: We are very happy to answer your questions about the game. Yes, our game is not only free, but also has no time limit, players will not have a sense of urgency, we will also set up a newbie teaching, players who have never played elimination games can also follow the operation to quickly master the game skills


Merge Mystery Merge Mystery Merge Mystery Merge Mystery Merge Mystery