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Tailed Demon Slayer

Tailed Demon Slayer v1.5.2 MOD+APK (Unlimited Money, No Skill CD)

Category:Role Playing Games OS:Android 4.4+

Size:125.6 MB Latest update:Jan 26, 2024


About Tailed Demon Slayer

Do you like action games? Actually, this type of game is very popular among game users. They can go through various levels and defeat many powerful enemies with their strong and unique weapons and skills. There is an action game in which you will role-play a hero, and your task is to defeat various monsters and go through many levels. Do you want to try being a cute hero with powerful strength? Come to Tailed Demon Slayer!


What is Tailed Demon Slayer?

Tailed Demon Slayer is a role-playing game in which you will become a hero and face many difficulties. Your task is to go through various levels and defeat evil monsters. You were born in a small town. This town is a peaceful place. You need to protect it from damage by monsters.

At first, after you enter this game, you need to choose a hero for yourself. There are many heroes, and you can choose the one you like the most according to your considerations. After choosing a hero that belongs to you, your task is to cultivate it and make it become powerful and strong. This way, you will have enough strength to defend against enemies and protect the small town.

There is an arsenal of weapons available for you. So you can choose the most suitable ones for yourself. These weapons have different abilities. You should exploit it as much as possible to defeat your enemies. There are many fierce battles waiting for you in front of you. You need to fight with other players or monsters. You must try your best to defeat them using your tactics and power.

In addition, there are many interesting gaming tactics waiting for you to explore.

Features of Tailed Demon Slayer

1. Choose Your Hero and Cultivate 

The first thing you need to do after entering this game is to choose a suitable hero for yourself. You can choose it according to your interests and preferences. After choosing your hero, you need to cultivate it and make it stronger and more powerful because you will face various evil powers. In order to defeat these enemies, you need not only a powerful force but also suitable tactics. Only in this way can you defeat all your enemies and win the game.


2. Defeat Formidable Enemy

There are many formidable enemies in this game. They have a very powerful force, so you can't defeat them easily. You need to find various powerful weapons and learn new skills to defeat them as possible. In order to defeat your enemy, you need not only weapons but also suitable tactics. Try your best to destroy your enemy!

3. Abundant Weapons Available

In order to help you defeat various opponents, this game also offers users an arsenal of weapons that is large and rich. The number and types of weapons are very large and abundant. There are various weapons with different abilities. You can choose the one you like and that is most suitable for you. You can defeat massive enemies when you have these powerful and abundant weapons.


4. Choose Your Equipment

Although you become a hero, you still need to wear various equipment to protect you from damage. There are many various equipment available for you. These equipment include holy swords, armors, bows, magic sticks and many others. With the help of these equipment, you can pass difficulties more easily.

5. Cute Heroes

Although you are a hero, the appearance of these heroes is very cute and adorable! This creates a contrast between their powerful strength and cute looks. If you want to experience being a hero with a cute appearance, you can try this game. These cute heroes can bring you a pleasant mood while you are playing this game.

Download the Latest Version of Tailed Demon Slayer

Do you want to become a hero and defeat various demons? If you want to role-play a hero with cute appearance, you can download and use this game.


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