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My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom v7.9.1.4428 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked Premium/No Ads)

Category:Casual Games OS:Android

Size:115.8 MB Latest update:Jan 30, 2024


About My Talking Tom

Do you like pets like cats and dogs? Do you have cats in your home? Many people like pets, and the most popular and common pets that people raise are usually cats and dogs. Actually, there are also many people who can't or don't have a cat or dog due to various reasons, but they love cats and dogs very much indeed. But now, you have a chance to have your own virtual cat in the game My Talking Tom.


What is My Talking Tom?

My Talking Tom is a casual game in which you will have a baby cat at the beginning, and you need to take care of it carefully. After you enter this game at first, there will be a box popping up in front of you and there is a baby cat in it. The name of this little cat is Tom. You need to raise it and let it grow bigger. As time goes by, Tom will grow into a healthy adult cat.

This cat, Tom, is very different from the ordinary ones seen in reality. It is similar to a human but has the appearance of a cat. It means that it has many characteristics similar to humans. For example, it can interact with you and understand what you said. It can also perform many human-like actions, such as expressing funny emotions, snickering, and dancing. You can interact with Tom, and it will give you many interesting and joyful feedbacks.

In addition, you need to feed Tom with enough food. Only then can Tom grow better and healthily. The food in My Talking Tom is varied, but you need to spend money to buy it. You can earn money through mini games.


Features of My Talking Tom

1. Have a Cat of Your Own

In My Talking Tom, you will have your own cat. Its name is Tom. At the beginning, it is just a baby cat and you need to take care of it very carefully, including feeding it enough food on time. But you need to notice that the amount of food is not very much at the beginning of this game. So, you need to buy food at the shop. The money you can earn in minigames. Do you want to have a cat of your own? Now, you can realize your dream in My Talking Tom.

2. Earn Money in Minigames 

You need to have enough money to buy food in My Talking Tom, otherwise you can't feed your cat. But don't worry about it, you can earn money in various minigames. These minigames are in the position close to Tom's fun stats. There are many interesting minigames in the list. So, you can earn money while enjoying playing these funny minigames. This feature means that you can play many variuous games in just one game. It is very wonderful and interesting.


3. Decorate Your Cat

Apart from food, you can also choose to decorate your cat. There are various beautiful and good clothes in the shop that you can buy for your cats. These costumes are varied in My Talking Tom. You can choose the suitable ones for Tom and clothe it. After putting on beautiful clothes, Tom's mood will also become happier and it will improve because the mood index is very important in Tom's growing process.

4. Take Part in the Events

In addition to daily tasks, there are also many events you can participate in with My Talking Tom. These events include activities related to cat Tom. After finishing these events, you will receive various interesting items such as beautiful clothes, food, furniture, and more. If you want to take better care of your cat, you should make use of every opportunity to join in these events.

Download the Latest Version of My Talking Tom

If you are a person who loves cats and wants to experience raising a cat while having fun at the same time, you can try My Talking Tom. Download and use it now.


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