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Soccer Super Star

Soccer Super Star v0.2.36 MOD APK (Unlimited Lifes, Free Rewind)

Category:Sports Games OS:Android

Size:121 MB Latest update:Jan 31, 2024


About Soccer Super Star

It is no exaggeration to say that soccer is one of the hottest sporting events in the world today. The World Cup, held once every four years, is especially exciting worldwide, and soccer stars who participate in the World Cup attract the attention of fans around the world. Would you like to become a soccer coach and lead your players to victory in the World Cup? Then welcome to the world of Soccer Super Star who control the entire tournament!

What is Soccer Super Star?

Soccer Super Star is a game based on a soccer match and has already received many positive reviews, with hundreds of millions of downloads on Google Play. In the game, players must control 11 characters. The screen is divided into two parts in Soccer Super Star, left and right, and players simply touch the screen and click where they want to move their character, and the system will automatically adjust the speed and direction of the character's movement. As a soccer manager, you have to think about how to win this game, which is linked to the actions of each player.

Excitingly, some of the characters that the player controls will even include real-life retired soccer stars, and the player will need to win every match to upgrade or purchase these characters. Not only that, but the 3D graphics and 3D audio technology in Soccer Super Star are also impressive, and with the commentators and the cheering of the crowd, I'm afraid you'll really think you're at a real soccer match.

Main Features of Soccer Super Star:

Control characters from a third-person perspective

In Soccer Super Star, players will watch the game from a third-person perspective, which gives them a more objective as well as comprehensive view of the overall game. Players will control 11 footballers, and if they are in control, the player will be flagged to alert the footballer. The player will control the movement of the footballer, receiving the ball, intercepting, shooting, and if they want to make a long pass or take a free kick, the system will automatically set up an arc so that the player can aim at the target. Please note that the system automatically adjusts to many of the movements on the field of play, so the player needs to think more about how to score goals and strategize.


Upgrade your star characters

Players will be surprised to find that there are a large number of game characters available for them to choose from, and even these characters include some retired soccer stars in reality, whose various skill stats are very impressive and helpful for winning the game, but, correspondingly, the price of these characters is also very high, and players need to spend a lot of gold coins to buy or upgrade them. 

The system has also developed a table of physical data for these characters, including speed, strength, shooting, passing, physical fitness, etc., and players can choose their positions on the field according to these data.

Superior 3D technology 

I have to say that Soccer Super Star has one of the best features and that is the high level of 3D technology, not only the realistic graphics but also the 3D audio technology is perfect. On the pitch, both in the background of the game and the spectators, celebrations, cheers, commentaries, objects, grass, lights, shadows, passing motions, and so on, all of these are so realistic that if you weren't in the game, you'd probably be in a trance and think that you're attending a real World Cup.

Play this game offline

In Soccer Super Star, you can even play the game without internet. You have the option to buy players, upgrade various skills, and participate in the World Cup, and none of this game progress will be lost when your internet is restored. However, unlike the online mode, there are some gold missions that require internet that you may not be able to complete.


Download the Latest Version of Soccer Super Star

I believe that the game in Soccer Super Star will also make you feel tense and exciting, especially if players want to score from a long distance, or from a free kick. Every action of the characters will affect the direction of the game, so make sure to think about the strategy before every move, or else you are likely to lose the game. Download and install the Soccer Super Star and start a fierce competition!


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