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Kick the Buddy: Second Kick

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick v1.14.1502 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

Category:Arcade Games OS:Android 5.1+

Size:126 MB Latest update:Feb 01, 2024


About Kick the Buddy: Second Kick

With the rapid development of the times, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, but along with it comes the ever-increasing pressure, which may come from your studies, where there are always countless problems waiting for you to overcome, or from your work, where your boss's insults and coworkers' taunts make you exhausted, or from your family, where you have to save money after purchasing a property. In short, all these stresses need an outlet, otherwise you'll become irritable, and Kick the Buddy: Second Kick is such a game that helps people to unwind and relax.

What is Kick the Buddy: Second Kick?

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick is a single-player casual game for stress relief, developed by Playgendary Limited. Many players will initially think that it is a violent game, but in fact it has a cute style and an interesting story background, which is neither gory nor brutal. As the absolute master of the game, players can attack Buddy on the screen with the weapons provided by the game, such as electric chairs, bombs, piranhas and so on, and Buddy won't just stand there, he will dodge the attacks with agility, which is one of the difficulties of the game.

Players will get a kick out of "torturing" Buddy, you can think of him as your mean boss and use bombs to blow him up, or you can think of him as one of your best friends and mercilessly spoof him, everyone can let off some steam in Kick the Buddy: Second Kick, but it's important to note that after you've destroyed everything you need to earn money to put it back together. need to earn money to restore them to their original state.

Main Features of Kick the Buddy: Second Kick:

Vent your anger at Buddy

At the beginning of Kick the Buddy: Second Kick, after logging in or registering, the player will be taken to a room where a very cute doll stands, before launching an attack, the player needs to choose a weapon, the player will be able to hit Buddy or click on Buddy, in a word, the players can vent all the anger in their lives on Buddy, you will see it screaming in terror, showing fear, but Buddy won't just stand, it will be wandering around to avoid your attacks, which makes the game harder for you.


Decorate your dolls

The dolls in Kick the Buddy: Second Kick are dressed up in a variety of funny and cute outfits, and players can also customize their outfits, you can dress it up as an Indian, or turn it into an athlete wearing a straw hat, there are a lot of outfits for you to choose from, and as the levels continue to unlock, more stylish costumes will appear.

Use your weapon to attack Buddy 

New weapons are unlocked on every level, and the damage value of the weapons increases with the difficulty of the level. In Kick the Buddy: Second Kick, there are 100 weapons to choose from, some of which you've never even seen before, like bombs, guns, metal machines that crush everything, and laser weapons with super-high damage values are all very common, but the likes of piranhas, time bombs, torches, taser chairs, cannons, and even missiles will have a lot of gamers eager to try out these wacky weapons. Buddy will react differently depending on the weapon.

Repair of damaged rooms

You are the master of Kick the Buddy: Second Kick and you can attack Buddy and everything in the room as much as you want, including floors, windows, decorations, furniture, etc. Unleash your destructive power. However, the power of your attack will leave the room scarred and you've ruined a cozy room, so once you've calmed down, you'll need to earn game currency to restore the room to its original state - after all, any damage should be paid for.


Download the Latest Version of Kick the Buddy: Second Kick

If you are the first time to download Kick the Buddy: Second Kick, worried about the game operation will be very complicated, exciting, the game will be set up in the early stages of the newbie teaching guide, players just need to follow the guidance, will understand the game's main tasks and practical operation, I believe that many players will quickly master the game skills. Download and install Kick the Buddy: Second Kick, start your decompression journey!


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