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GETCHA GHOST v2.0.173 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money)

Category:Adventure Games OS:Android

Size:419 MB Latest update:Feb 01, 2024



Hey, do you want to fight with ghosts and monsters, in GETCHA GHOST, you can capture those ghosts and monsters through AR technology, they will appear at any time, you need to carefully search every corner of the room, chandeliers, under the table will appear in their scary figure, you just need to quickly start a duel with them, maybe you will gain a strong and companion, come to join the adventure, mankind is under threat.


GETCHA GHOST is a classic elimination game that combines horror and puzzle elements. With its interesting drawing style and horror elements, it has gained the love of fans from all over the world and has more than 400w downloads on Google Play. The main task of the player in GETCHA GHOST is to control the character to defeat the evil spirits and protect the city, and the means to defeat the opponent is to utilize the squares on the game board! By arranging the cubes together, the player can quickly unleash powerful attacks.

GETCHA GHOST is also a puzzle adventure game with interesting sound effects and special effects to look forward to as the blocks are eliminated. In addition, players need to utilize the rewards from each battle to upgrade their characters because, as the game progresses, the later levels will become more and more difficult and the monsters that players need to face will become stronger and stronger, so you need to improve your attack power quickly! Collecting ghosts will also be part of your battle power!

Main Features of GETCHA GHOST:

Collect powerful ghosts

The most interesting thing about GETCHA GHOST is that the game introduces AR technology, players can use their cell phones to trace the footprints of ghosts in different game scenes, they may be in the old castle, or on the train next to the cherry blossom tree, if you see them, please don't scream, stay calm and fight them to defend the city! However, the ghosts can also be divided into good or evil, if you capture the good ghosts, they will become your companions, and when summoned by you during the battle, they will appear to become your powerful help.


Battle with monsters!

The monsters you face will be different for each level, and the difficulty will increase as levels are unlocked. During a duel with a monster, the top of the screen will display the life value limit of both sides, and the side whose life value clears first loses the game. In addition, in GETCHA GHOST, both sides have a limited number of turns to act, so players need to be careful, and if necessary, they can summon ghosts to help them, these ghosts are very cute images, but also very powerful.

How to win this competition 

The most important battle mode of the game is to eliminate the squares to gain great power and destroy the evil spirits. As you can see, there are colorful squares on the game board, these squares have been randomly disrupted by the system, and the player needs to eliminate the same color squares by arranging them horizontally or vertically, and the more squares eliminated, the greater the corresponding damage value, and the enemy's life value will drop rapidly, and when the enemy's life value is cleared, that means the player has won the game.


Upgrade your characters

The skills of the characters are not eternal, especially the longer the players play in GETCHA GHOST, the stronger the monsters attack, so players need to upgrade their characters, increase the damage value and attack power of their characters to defeat the terrible monsters, and increase their ghost collection rate, please note that these ghosts are divided into grades, if you drew S grade ghosts, then congratulations, the combat power of your team will be increased dramatically!

Download the Latest Version of GETCHA GHOST

GETCHA GHOST is suitable for people of all ages because the operation is also very simple, players will download the game, there will be a newbie instruction as well as practice mode, and players can quickly master the game skills in a short period of time. Download and install this game, use your special abilities, and join us for an adventure!