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BASEBALL 9 v3.3.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Resources)

Category:Sports Games OS:Android

Size:207 MB Latest update:Feb 01, 2024



Many people must not be unfamiliar with baseball, after all, it is one of the world's most popular sporting events, this is a group activity, the team personnel minimum of 9 people, and the opponent in a fan-shaped baseball field for defense and attack, each inning is divided into the upper and lower two halves of the inning, each half-innings the two sides will take turns as the attacking side or defensive side, the end of the game, the party with the most points to get the victory. As a matter of fact, many people know baseball by watching baseball games, don't you want to try to play baseball in person, BASEBALL 9 can satisfy your wish.

What is BASEBALL 9?

BASEBALL 9 is a sports competition game designed for baseball fans, which has gained a lot of favorable comments from players because of the realistic 3D graphics and the intense and exciting game system. In BASEBALL 9, the rules of the game are not different from the real way of scoring, players can slide gestures on the screen to control the athlete's power, speed, batting direction, etc. As a coach you need to formulate a strategy before the game, and according to the conditions of the game to improvise, and not just a simple repetition of the pitching action.

The game will be played in two different teams, the winner will get the game rewards, and players can use these rewards to buy players dresses up or accessories, to create an exclusive team, in addition, players can also recruit more skilled players, their sports statistics will be more eye-catching!

Main Features of BASEBALL 9:

Realistic 3D graphic design

In BASEBALL 9, the most striking thing is none other than its realistic 3D graphic design, whether it's the characters, the game scenes, or various items, all of them are very real. The game team has adopted 3D technology, in both static and dynamic situations, players will think that this is a real-life baseball game. From the cheering crowd during the game to the trajectory of the ball movement, all of them are amazing, if you look carefully, you can even see the players with the hat with the reflection of the crowd! I have to marvel at the care taken by the production team.


Recruit and upgrade your players

As a professional coach, at the beginning of BASEBALL 9, you will get a lineup of athletes with very low athletic stats, but there is no need to be discouraged, after winning each game, players can use the accumulated rewards to recruit more professional athletes, these athletes are very good at both speed and power, and of course, you can choose to upgrade your athletes and use their specialties to rationally arrange the lineup to win the game successfully.

Various game modes 

BASEBALL 9 features a range of fun game modes for players to choose from, whether you prefer quick battles, challenging finals, or exciting leagues, BASEBALL 9 has you covered. In addition, players can customize the athletes on their team, including their clothing, name, height, face shape, hairstyle, and skin color, so you can create a team that's just right for you.

Winning the game

Players can control the power, speed, direction, angle, position, etc. of the baseball player by swiping gestures on the screen, aka throwing and shooting postures, and the athlete can hit, pitch, and catch the ball perfectly. Players may only be able to participate in friendly matches at first, as the game matches are won, players will be able to participate in amateur tournaments and even professional tournaments, start your baseball career now.


Download the Latest Version of BASEBALL 9

BASEBALL 9 allows players to play the game without Internet access, which greatly saves players' time. In addition, BASEBALL 9 has developed a gaming community, which allows players to enter the site to freely express their views on the game, or exchange different gameplay with other players. Download and install BASEBALL 9, and join us for a baseball adventure!