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PunBall v4.6.1 MOD APK (Dumb Bot, Balls Increase)

Category:Puzzle Games OS:Android

Size:144 MB Latest update:Feb 01, 2024


About PunBall

As a member of the Mage's Guild, you have powerful magical skills, you are responsible for resisting the demons to save the continent, you need to raise your staff high in your hand and fight to build a beautiful kingdom! Shade is a demon who has committed countless felonies, he has invaded your territory with his evil army, and you are the savior of the people, you have to have a real fight with him, if you lose this fight, then Everyone will be harmed, please try to save the world.

What is PunBall?

PunBall is a classic casual puzzle game, different from the cute style, the game is very interesting and exciting, you need to be a powerful witch, make your magic, and knock down each enemy.PunBall is composed of 100 kinds of skills for you to choose from, you need to create and combine these skills to create your magic, and the gameplay is very simple, you need to use the physical rebound effect to land each attack precisely on each enemy, so each aim must be accurate! The gameplay is very simple, you need to utilize the physical rebound effect to land every attack on every enemy, so every aim must be precise!

When you destroy the monsters in PunBall, you will get a lot of items that you need to utilize to rebuild the beautiful kingdom in your mind, and PunBall will also provide a variety of word puzzles for players to answer, which is very interesting and has a lot of gameplay. In addition, the game also launched a single-player mode and two-player mode, you can invite friends to guess the puzzle together.

Main Features of PunBall:

Control the magic ball to attack the enemies

PunBall isn't a game with complicated gameplay, players need to control their character's magic ball in the fight against demons by just throwing it in the direction of the opponent you want to attack. Demons will be scattered in every corner of the game, and if you just aim at one demon, you won't be able to destroy all of them instantly, the only possibility is to use the physical rebound effect to find the right angle of throw every time you aim to destroy all demons as much as possible, it's better if every enemy is hit by you, and usually the strongest bosses will need multiple attacks from you before they can be destroyed.

It's also worth mentioning that in PunBall, there are over 200 types of monsters and bosses to tackle, so the player shoulders the burden of saving the kingdom's subjects.


100 different skills to choose from

In fact, because of the wide variety of monsters and their different attack characteristics, players have more than 100 different skills to choose from, including bombs, freezing, fire, lightning, copying, and so on, PunBall also gives players a great deal of freedom, that is, players can create and combine these skills to create their own colorful and unique skills, and the reorganization of the skills will play a huge power, which will be of great help in destroying the bosses.

Building a beautiful kingdom 

It is worth noting that after slaying the demons and winning the game, the player will be given new items that are used to build more beautiful gardens or bustling business centers, and an opportunity to rebuild the kingdom. In addition, the game offers a large number of word puzzles for the player to solve, such as some of the traditional anagrams, homophones, puns, and more.

Version update log

If you download the latest version, you will find that we have made a lot of updates. We have not only added a new combat obstacle, the Crystal Block, but also a new relic, Aphrodite, where you can find a new S-ranked artifact, the Mirror of Aphrodite, and most importantly, new SS-ranked artifacts: the Robe of Zeus and the Ring of Zeus, which are all very powerful weapons.


Download the Latest Version of PunBall

PunBall will also provide flaming arrows when players are in a difficult situation, which will help players instantly eliminate most of the enemies and gain a lot of points. Download and install PunBall, and join us for a new adventure!


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