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World of Airports

World of Airports v2.2.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, All Airports)

Category:Strategy Games OS:Android 6.0

Size:800 MB Latest update:Feb 04, 2024


About World of Airports

World of Airports: A Thrilling Adventure in the Skies



Introduction of World of Airports

Experience an adrenaline rush with the exciting Airports World mobile game! Please dive into the world of aviation while assuming your role as an airport manager. From flight management to expanding the airport empire, this game lets you stay on the edge of your seat. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to take off!


Game Features of World of Airports: The Sky is the Limit!

Realistic Airport Experience

World of Airports offers practical simulations of airport management. Able to handle all aspects of airport operations, from air traffic control to passenger processing.


Stunning Graphics and Immersive Soundtrack

Let yourself be seduced by captivating visuals and high-quality sound that will make you feel in the heart of the noise of the airport. If even small places notice, really beautiful!


Global Network Expansion

Start with one small airstrip and work your way up to operating a network of airports around the world. Expand your reach, connect with other players, and become a dominant force in the World of Airports.


Wide Range of Aircraft

From small propeller to twin, World of Airports offers an extensive collection of aircraft you can manage. Upgrading and customizing the fleet ensures smooth and efficient operation.


Challenging Missions and Achievements

Please try operational capability in a variety of tasks and challenges World of Airports. Get achievements during the game to unlock rewards. Is there an excess of pressure?


Dynamic Weather Systems

Please experience the unpredictable characteristics of weather conditions that affect flight operations. From thunder to snowstorms, adapt as quickly as possible to a safe and punctual departure and arrival.


Airline Partnerships

Establish strategic partnerships with major airlines to attract more flights to the airport. Negotiate deals, offer incentives, and secure exclusivity agreements to make destinations the favorite of passengers and airlines.


Airport Customization

Customize the appearance of the airport to add a personal touch to the airport. Please choose from a variety of themes, decorations, and architectural styles. Create a different and visually impressive airport.


Challenging Events and Competitions

Please participate in events and contests limited to the period. Try to compare strength with other players. Achieve your goals and get dedicated payments and assets that outperform your competitors.


Research and Development

Invest in research and development, new technologies and the development of airport management. Find innovative solutions to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve the overall passenger experience.



Gameplay of World of Airports: From Takeoff to Landing

Air Traffic Control

As an airport manager, your main responsibility is to control the flow of air traffic. Guide aircraft to designated runways and gates to ensure a safe take-off and landing. Effectively manage traffic, prevent delays and maintain passenger satisfaction.


Airport Expansion

Construction of new runways, terminals and other facilities needed to expand airport infrastructure. The existing structure has been upgraded to accommodate more aircraft and passengers. The larger the airport is, the more likely it is to be successful.


Flight Management

Management on arrival and departure from the airport. Distribute valves, refuel and set maintenance schedules to keep everything running smoothly. Flights arrive on time and guarantee a smooth travel experience for passengers.


Collaborate with Other Players

Connect with airport managers around the world and work together to expand your network. Collaborate on missions, share resources and compete for a leading position in the world of global aviation.



Download World of Airports Today!

Ready to take your place in the air? World of Airports download it now and start your exciting journey as an airport administrator. Experience the thrill of controlling air traffic, expanding your empire and building a successful air network. Whether you are a skilled aviation enthusiast or a newcomer to the airport, this game will keep you happy for hours. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime - the sky is yours to conquer!


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