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Turboprop Flight Simulator

Turboprop Flight Simulator v1.30.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Simulation Games OS:Android

Size:79.9 MB Latest update:Feb 04, 2024


About Turboprop Flight Simulator

Many people think that piloting is a very mysterious and advanced profession, they can fly an airplane in the sky to deliver goods or drop supplies, and they can also fly various types of aircraft to enjoy the beauty of the air, many people are eager to experience flying an airplane, Turboprop Flight Simulator can help them realize their dreams, perfect for those students or Those who are learning about aviation.

What is Turboprop Flight Simulator?

Turboprop Flight Simulator is a 3D flight simulator game that introduces real aircraft parameters, players can fly various types of modern turboprops in the game, the game missions are divided into three types, delivering supplies, all-weather patrols, and aerial combat, players can earn rewards and achievements by completing these game missions, the important thing is that this special airplane The important thing is that this special airplane has the ability to fly and take off on its own, and the player can set the flight path freely on the map without following any old rules.

In Turboprop Flight Simulator, the flight operations will be difficult for newcomers with no knowledge of aviation, but don't worry, the game will guide you on how to carry out cargo missions, and through the long training sessions in the game, you will have a thorough understanding of piloting and controlling the direction of the airplane. In addition, during the flight, the difficulty of the player to pilot the aircraft may also be affected by bad weather, please make sure to control the direction of the successful completion of the mission.

Main Features of Turboprop Flight Simulator:

Fly an airplane to complete a mission

In Turboprop Flight Simulator, players will be able to control three different versions of military aircraft: tactical cargo, coast guard and special operations aircraft, which will be used in three missions, the first involves tactical airlift missions, which involves dropping ammo, supplies or weapons to the armed forces, the second means that the player will need to carry out round-the-clock patrols to make sure that there are no anomalies, and the third requires the player to fight with the enemy in the air, and you need to be careful to avoid being shot down.


Setting up newbie training

This aircraft simulation game can be difficult for newcomers, in the early stages of the game, the game will set up a newbie tutorial, that is to say, players need to participate in a short or long training course, detailed and comprehensive learning related to the pilot of the aircraft aviation expertise, including how to fly the aircraft, the knowledge of the control of the aircraft in the right direction, as well as flight, taxi, takeoff, landing and other basics, which will help players to become a professional pilot.

Acquisition of a wide range of vehicles 

Turboprop Flight Simulator offers a wide variety of flying machines for players to pilot, including Airbus A400M Atlas tactical aircraft, ATR 42 / ATR 72 regional aircraft, RL-72、C-400、E-42、XV-40, and HC-400, there is even XV-40 concept VTOL aircraft. All of these vehicles have autonomous flight capabilities, eliminating the need for players to manually open or close the hatch, in addition to recognizing airports and landing automatically.

Realistic flight sound effects

In Turboprop Flight Simulator, players can not only control the military aircraft, but also hear the sound of the engine running as well as starting through 3D audio technology, during which the blinking light system will light up when the player is flying at night or has to send out danger signals when encountering inclement weather, realistically simulating the life of a pilot. Players can also customize the parts of the plane to their liking, making your plane a sight to behold in the sky.


Download the Latest Version of Turboprop Flight Simulator

In Turboprop Flight Simulator, you can load, unload, take off, fly, and land a wide variety of airplanes, carry out missions assigned by your superiors, experience what it's like to be a pilot at the controls of an airplane, and if you download the latest version, you'll also have the opportunity to view epic flying machines. Download and install the Turboprop Flight Simulator now! And take an exciting flight experience!


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